☆Popteen LIKES + GEO Angel Gray CL + Kame´s B-Day☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing???キスマーク
Exams are over and now i have time to blog!!! ラブラブ
Thank you
again for all those lovely comments to my previous post (i will reply asap) ドキドキあせる
!!!Thank you for 360 FOLLOWERS!!! ドキドキキスマークドキドキ
ラブラブI´m so Happyラブラブ
nothing really happened in the last few weeks....あせる

but i finally got my circle lenses!!!!目ラブラブ
i will post pictures later when i wear them ニコニコチョキ

on the 12.02. i met up with Marion, a friend of her and a friend from university for dinner割り箸
we went to すする and ate 饂飩 ラーメンラブラブ
@ Bubbles afterwardsラブラブ
after Bubble´s we went to BoboQ, another Bubble Tea Bar~ there we saw this H&M 
shopwindow~ wwwww
 last week i also bought my March issue of Popteen magazine ラブラブ
honestly i was really disappointed of this issue....ダウン汗 
the cover is so cute, but the clothes and coordinations.....ガーン
not really my taste....汗

the prints look so awful!!!ガーンむかっ
i hate those retro flower prints....i can also buy such shit in Germany...グーダウン
but there were also some things i liked~ ラブラブ
nevertheless i hope the next issue will be better again...シラー
i especially LOVE the new bag collection of Liz Lisa ドキドキ
and the shoes of course~にひひ
oh and there was an article about So´ Fly!!!ラブラブ!
they are so cool チョキ

oh i got this lovely doll from my parents hehe にひひラブラブ
isn´t it lovely?ラブラブ
today i ordered Yune´s and my outfit for the LBM in march~チョキ
i just go there to meet my friends wwwww~
we decided to style as  コギャル ´cause i always wanted to wear it once in my life time haha
so it will be like this ドキドキ
therefore i ordered some clothes today ラブラブ!チョキ
i hope it will arrive in time haha~チョキ
here are some random photos from the last weeks カメラ

TODAY is Kame´s 25th B-DAY!!!!!ドキドキラブラブ!
!! 誕生日おめでとう!!
arwwww~ love love~~~~~ドキドキ

sooo that´s it for today!!! ニコニコ
sorry for this boring post 汗
please take care everyone キスマーク