!!!Hi GAL´s!!!
So here comes my first GiveAway.
With this I want to say THANK YOU for 130 followers now.
so HERE is what you will get
1. BLUE MOON BLUE bag (famous japanese GYARU brand)
2. pink schedule for school or university
3. Hello Kitty gatcha cell phone charms
4. key holder
5. Essence: smokey eye set + glossy lipbalm sparkling cherry
6. paco rabanne - Lady Million perfume sample
7. Monokuro Boo address book
8. cute pen with candy print
9. Hello Kitty letter set (4 envelopes + 6 sheets)
(10. Hello Kitty postcard, Berlin special)

Close Up´s


1 Entry:
1. You must be a follower
2. Comment on this GiveAway with your email address.

Extra Entry:
3. Link to the giveaway with a post on your blog or in your side bar

END: 2010.10.31
I will choose the winner by a random number generator.
I will send an e-mail to the winner. Than you have 3 days to reply and get your prize.
So everyone can participate!



☆1st Part of my room make-over + Etude House☆

!!!Hi GAL´s!!!
Thank you again for all those lovely comments.ドキドキ
I am so happy that you all like the stuff I am writing about.ニコニコキスマーク
Today I want to show you one section of my room, which is already finished.アップクラッカー
BEFORE my room make-over it looked like this:
 so many posters haha にひひ
and NOW it looks like this!ドキドキラブラブ
Close Up
finally I have a place for all my Gyaru magazines.ドキドキ
that makes me happy hehe ニコニコチョキ音譜
 some of my beauty things beside and above my new mirror.ニコニコリボン

I will post more pictures when my room is completely finished ニコニコクラッカー
 ☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆
Do you know the Korean Beauty label ETUDE HOUSE?ドキドキ
I totally love their products, especially the face masks.
They have an awesome smell and they are totally refreshing.クラッカー
because of my cold which lasts now for one week i have to use a face mask because my skin is so dry.あせる
I used this one with Aloe + Hyaluronic Acid チョキ
If you use them too, How do you like them?ニコニコ
Thank you for reading.
See you next time!


☆What´s in my bag?☆

!!!Hi GAL´s!!!
ドキドキ!!!Thank you for 100 Followers!!!ドキドキ
キスマークYou Gal´s are awesome!!!キスマーク
it makes me so so happy!!ニコニコ
I will do a Giveaway soon, so look forward to it !にひひドキドキ
and also thank you for more than 30 comments to my previous post.ラブラブ!ドキドキ
 I´m so sorry that I didn´t post for a while...しょぼん汗
I caught a cold some days ago, so I don´t feel very well.あせる
I have also much to do because of my room make-over.
It´s finished soon.ドキドキ
☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆ 
Todays topic is: ´What´s in my Bag?´カバン
So here it is アップ
 1st of all, my bag ドキドキ
 I love it so muchドキドキ
It´s from Shibuya 109, Tokyo.

And here comes the stuff inside my bag クラッカー
 left to right: wallet (Liz Lisa), Make-Up case (San-X), keys, Sun Glasses, mini hair straightener (for rainy days), cell phone (Sharp Docomo SH-06A), Purikura album (San-X), mp3 player, pen, monokuro boo notebook(San-X)
1st: Make-Up case
 from left to right: tissues (Hello Kitty), mirror (Muji)-> Self made ラブラブ, deodorant, concealer (Manhattan), Lip stick-Watering Lip effect (NIVEA), powder (Maybelline), Liquid Eyeliner (Dolly Wink), comb, band aids, painkillers.

2nd: Wallet
 Liz Lisa (OIOI, Ikebukuro, Tokyo)

3rd: Purikura album
 it´s also my album for my Kame photos hehe ニコニコドキドキ
 Yes, that was the little journey through my bag ニコニコ
I hope you liked itドキドキ

Thank you for reading.
See you next time!