☆Christmas+GETS+meeting Becci+after christmas SALE GETS☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing???キスマーク
thank you for more than 730 Followers!!! 
i´m so happy!!!!
i hope eyeryone had a wonderful christmas!!
thank you for all your comments and christmas wishes!!!
i spent christmas at my grandparents place, like every year.
so first i wanna show you some pics of some christmas stuff and the things i got!
wonderful christmas tree!!
here are some close ups haha
this was our dinner
and those are the things i got!
just small things, ´cause i got so many expensive things during the year haha
i love all the things i got ^-^
i really had a nice christmas!
so let´s talk about today!
well, today i met my friend Becci in Berlin!
but the day started with an accident....
i fell down the stairs today, ´cause i was in a hurry (like always haha) and hurt my legs and hip...luckily i fell with my had on my bag and not on the stone ground  ;____; it was really scary! but i´m glad that i didn´t hurt myself this badly...let´s see how i feel tomorrow haha

well, Becci and me met at Friedrichstraße and went to Gina Tricot at first!
weeks ago i saw an awesome top at GT but it was sold out in my size! but today i could buy it hehe
 isn´t it coool?!?! :D
afterwards we went to Potsdamer Platz and i bought this awesome coat, which i wanted this badly!
it´s a replica of this MA*RS coat 0____0
haha we can buy MA*RS replicas in German stores lol
Suzu told me that it´s a replica haha, i didn´t knew it~

oh and i also bought two other things~
leo tights and oversized shirt *0*/

i got everything so cheap because it´s after christmas SALE!!! yay :D

Becci & me!
outfit checkkk!
hat: Liz Lisa
cardigan: ALTA - Shinjuku
top: Shibuya 109
shorts: New Yorker
tights: tutuanna
boots: off brand

me with huuuge shopping bags haha
i love the decoration!!!

well, afterwards we went to Ku-dam and had some frozen yoghurt!!!
nyaaa it was yummy!
the store was so cute decorated!
what a nice store :)

in front of the shop was this huuuge snowman!!!

aftrwards we went back to the station and took some photos in a pic machine haha
german purikura lol
cute Becci!!
and here, one of the results haha
thank you for this great day!!!!!
when i got home i had this little cute christmas card in my post box!!!
my melody card!! so cute!
it´s from my friend Hiromi!!! thank you so much!!! <3
thank you for reading!!
see you next time!


☆GETS + Outfit check+ X-MAS☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing???キスマーク
thank you for more than 725 Followers!!! 
i´m so happy!!!!
On Tuesday i went to university and i got my results from my summer exams!
i had to hand in two reports!
i got an A /1,3 and a B/2,0!
here you can see the results!
well i had to hand in the reports one month earlier, then the expected deadlline, ´cause i went to Japan for a month in summer~
so i hadn´t much time for writing those two reports...haha
but therefore the result is ok i think!
after getting my results i went to Neotokyo, and picked up my new magazines and my Ayumi Hamasaki calendar for 2012!
it´s Popteen and Egg January issue!
you can find some scans HERE !
when i was in the store, they were playing an awesome k-pop song! so i asked the manager what´s the name of the band! he forgot the name haha but he wrote an e-mail to me in the evening with the youtube link!
i really love this song!!!
great ne???

afterwards i met my friend Olaf!
he wanted to see some photos from Japan, which i made in summer!
so we went to Bubbles and had some bubble tea while watching photos!
afterwards we went to the shopping center!
i finally bought the HANGOVER 2 movie haha
i LOVE those movies!!
super funny!
today i went shopping to buy the last christmas presents!!
this was my outfit~
hat: Liz Lisa
oversized sweater: H&M
black top: Ikebukuro ALTA
lace shorts: New Yorker
tights: S-LEG produced by Tsubasa Masuwaka
shoes: off brand
bag: Shibuya 109

when i got home i had some cute stuff in the post box!!!
1st i received this suuuuper cute package from my friend Simmi!
this is a thank you present from her and her friend Sweta, for meeting them in Berlin during the JYJ concert, and having fun during the day ;__; thank you so so so much! i´m super happy!!
it´s a lovely Kitty mug, cookies, a card and a lip stick!!
so lovely!! thank you so much again!!

i also got a lovely letter from my friend Thanh Thao today!!!
look at the cute self made christmas card!!!
and Rilakkuma stationery *o*
thank you soooo much <3

so this will be the last post before christmas!!
so i wish all of you MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!
please take care everyone!!
i will stay at my grandparents house during christmas!!
so see you next week!
bye bye~