☆Popteen + Karaoke + meeting Becci + St. Nicholaus + concert☆

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Well, last weekend i went to Cottbus with my friends.
i wasn´t there before and my friends friend wanted to go there, so Eileen and me decided to tag along!
 here are some pictures!
Mio and Eileen
arwww i wanted this Barbapapa balloon!!!
caramel macchiato
omg everything in Corrbus was so so cheap! for this set of meal i just paid 5€!! 
and it was a normal restaurant haha
in Berlin i had paid about 10€ i guess!
the christmas market was really nice!!
on Monday i went to the japanese store in Berlin to get my copies of the popteen magazine, one Seventeen mag and a cute Rilakkuma clear file!!
as an extra there was a cute pouch from Dazzlin!
i will post some pics from the mags later!
in the evening i met my high school friend Laina!
we went together to a concert at night!
the bands were called "You me at six" and "Canterbury"
the tour bus!
(c) by L. Müller
Berlin @ night!  walking to Mc Donalds for a little midnight snack haha
when we went to the train station our train compartment was decorated with cute kids decoration haha
she knows what´s good haha
on St. Nicholas day, 6th of dec., i went shopping with my mom!
in the morning i got some nice presents
after breakfast we went to the city and bought presents for friends and the family!
i got crystallized fruits!!! super yummy!!!
the christmas market was really nice hehe
on thursday i met my friend Becci!
we went to BoBoQ for some bubble tea and leafed through some magazines!
while shopping haha
yesterday my friends and me went to Karaoke at night!!!
the crooooowd haha
Susan & Cindy
Cindy, Sarah, Sven & Sascha
Sascha, Kristina & Cindy´s cousin 
it was an awesome night and we had a lot of fun!
we could sing japanese, koran and english songs! 
for 3 hours we paid about 12€ each! really cheap!
i was at home about 4:30am

so the next post will be a "Trendwatching" post!
bye bye


  1. Everything looks like so much fun! I would love to live in a place where I could take the train to different places easily! ♥

  2. whaaaaa karaoke *_*
    schöne bilder *-* sieht nach spaß aus^^

  3. Ich hab mir die Popteens auch letzte Woche gekauft :)
    Wo ward ihr denn Karaoke singen? Ich muss auch unbedingt mal wieder in eine Karaokebar ^-^
    Liebe Grüße

  4. Hello, just letting you know that I've moved to a new blog and if you're still interested, you can follow me there!

    Have a nice day,


  5. Very nice post! I hope you can get my commdnt because im just writing with my phone now (><)
    Anyways, looks like much fun !! I wish i also could meet you someday :) have a nice day cutie ちゅー ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

  6. AWWW :D Looks like you had much fun <3

    Sorry that I had no time on friday :( Had to work 'til 11p.m. TAT
    12Euro is unbelievable cheap!!

  7. wooow!! I love your photos!! so cool!!
    greetings!! *o*