☆Outfit Check! + GETS + meet ups!☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
How are you doing???~
since yesterday there is AWESOME weather in GERMANY!!!! omg, i´ve waited for this sooooo long hahaha~ i hate all those winter month..and now FINALLY early summer is hereee~ 
i´m so happy these days !!

sooo what happened during the last days?!?!?!
first of all i went to the hairdresser!
i don´t have blonde hair anymore!!!
i changed it to a nice brown color~~
how do you like itttt??? :D
On Friday after University Eileen and me went shopping!!!~
this was my outfit!!
 Blouse: INGNI
Dress: Yesstyle - Random
Socks: Tutuanna
Shoes: Creepers- TUK
my inspiration for this outfit came from popteens May issue~
really comfy outfit~  

first we met Pila and had some bbt~~~
afterwards Eileen and me went to the Neotokyo~~
i bought a new magazine...again haha
this time it´s Jelly´s May issue!!
Ayu is at the cover!! <3
 i will post some scans later!~
than we went back to Alexanderplatz again and looked for some new clothes~
i found 2 new shirts!!
 i saw this the last time i went shopping with Anne, but somehow it was too big...but i decided to tie it up a little at the sides so that it will fit better~ the sizes are really weir...it´s a S...and it´s too big lol~ there was no XS though...
i really love the lace attached at the upper part of the shirt!!! so cute~
 Eileen and meee~  i´m so tall ;A; 
after shopping went to McD for some ice cream~
we went to Hackescher Markt, sat on a bench and leafed through our magazines~
about 21:15 we decided to go to bubbles, ´cause it was getting cold~
we shared a red guava bubble tea~
about 22:00 Bubbles had to close, so we left the store haha~
i accompanied Eileen to her subway station, afterwards i went back to my station~~
i guess i was at home about 23:30~
it was a really nice day!!! thank you ^3^/
Today i met my friend Becci!!!~
This was my outfit~~
Shirt: Pimkie
Shorts: Selfmade
Boots: Offbrand ( I actually wore chucks with lace socks)
we met about 14:30 and decided to go shopping~ :D
i didnßt bought anything though haha~
but Becci found some nice things!
we made some FotoFix pics haha
there was MIB3 Theme xD so funny!!!~
(Purikura would be better, though haha)
afterwards we went to Friedrichstraße~~
we had some yummy FroYo~
red fruit jelly, strawberry and marshmallow topping!! *3*/ onomnomnomnom~

afterwards we went to the Museumsinsel~
omg compared to Becci i´m sooo white ;A;
I´m a ghost ;o;
emo pic lol~
epic chucks~~~

Thank you Becci for this awesome dayyyy!!!!~~ <3


☆Dolly Wink Eyeliner + Impressions of Spring☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
How are you doing???~
First of all THANK YOU for 900 Follower!!! *_______*
i´m so so happy about that!!! <3
 on weekend i went to my grandmas place!~ she lives in another part of Germany then i do, so i can´t see her very often~
it was a great weekend~~
i took some spring related pictures!
i love taking pictures, but my camera is so bad...i should safe some money for a new, more professional one!
how do you like them? :)
Yesterday i met my sister in a garden located in the center of my hometown~
 beautiful ne~
in the morning i had two appointments at the doctor, so i wasn´t allowed to eat anything before...
so this was my breakfast than haha
ice chocolate and pretzel nomnomnom~

afterwards we went to a new store which had opened some days ago!
it sells Frozen Yoghurt, Bubble Tea and Cupcakes!!! can´t be better haha! :D
i had yoghurt lemon bubble tea~~
so cute hehe~~

in the evening i had to pick up my EYELINER from the CUSTOMS!!!!!
so stupid lol....of course i didn´t had to pay any fees...but even the reason to go to the customs because of an EYELINER...is so stupid lol~
Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner~
Best Eyeliner ever! i use this one since 2010, and i won´t buy another one ever again haha
 Today i received a super cute letter from my friend Thanh Thao!!! *o*
thank you so so much!!!
can´t wait to see you in June hehe  :D
 i love Rilakkuma!! <3
Puri from Thanh Thao and me at last years 日本デー in Düsseldorf <3

Thank you everyone for reading!!!


☆Popteen 04 + Egg 04 + ViVi 05 *pic heavy*☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
How are you doing???~
Yesterday i got my new magazines!!! I went to Neotokyo with my friend Kübi~~
afterwards we had some bbt at the new BoBoQ store near our university!
the new store is really nice and the design is awesome :D
 i had caramel milk tea nomnomnom~
awesome ne~~
so here are my new mags :D
i really like all the 3 covers!! <3
let´s start with Egg magazine 04/2012~
lately i really like this more rock gyaru theme~

now take a closer look at Popteens magazine 04/2012~
with lovely Tsubasa as the cover model <3
 beautiful Marimo!!
i love INGNI <3 *A*
Marimo special!! (somehow it seems like she will also leave popteen mag soon ;A; haven´t read the article yet.. >-<)
so many great hairstyles!! <3
Shôhei Miura interview <3
i really have to say that this issue is the best since some month!!

and now some scans out of ViVi mag 05/2012~
Tori and Lena are so so pretty and cute!!! <3
super cute tori-chan special!! <3
i wish i could also be this cuteeee ;A;
so many pics~~ i hope you liked them :)
while university on wednesday i had to leaf through my mags haha
the seminar was so boring~
thank you for reading!!!