☆Hair-Make Kabukichô + Ueno Zoo + Alice Cafe in Ginza☆

Hello everyone!! ^-^/

i am super busy and have no time for blogging actually...;o;
i try to update my blog from the past 2 weeks~
so let´s start with the 16th of august!~~
i met my friend Melissa in Shinjuku!
we went to a new Hair-Make salon which i discovered some weeks ago :D
we just paid 1300Yen~
here the process:
front and back~ 
(the picture from behind is taken when i came home at night, so it´s kinda messy haha)
we took Purikura~~
my make up is not so special, cause i thought we won´t go there actually haha
afterwards we met our friend Aki and went to his friends bar!
bar moonwalk~
it was so cheap and so much fun haha!! :D
thank youuuu~~

on 15th, Eileen and me decided to go the Zoo in Ueno!!
ohhh i was so happy to see both of the Panda-chan <3
the entrance :D
me and my friend Hiromi two years ago and me this year :D
i really changed haha
so cuteeee~~
OMG he is sooooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeee!!! *3*
i Love Panda so much ;O;!!! <33333~~~
elephants :D
forever alone monkey~~
ice bear <3
seal hahaha
tiger arghhhh~~
melon kakigori!! <3
so yummy!!!
Sky Tree in the bg!
the zoo was open until 20:00 instead of 17:00 like normally ^-^
so pretty <3
summer festival :D
i bought this cute Panda pouch hehe
it was such a nice day!!! <3

on 14th i met my friend Lori!!
she will study at Chuo University for the next two semester! :)
so i showed her the campus ^-^
i didn´t took other pictures this day actually ><

on the 12th of august we decided to go to the Hama Rikyu garden near Ginza :D
while walking to the garden, Honda said hello to us hahahaha <3
it really looks so cool with the city scenery in the back :D
Rainbow Bridge :D
the garden was really nice, even when it was toooo hot haha
afterwards we walked to Ginza and went to the Alice in Wonderland Café :D
about 17:00 we went to the restaurant!!
omg it was soooo cute :D
and really small, i was surprised haha
the entrance ~~

the menu box haha
so cute!!! next time i want to sit in the tee cup lol
appetizer~~ bread with cream cheese haha
omg this was nearly the best meet i ever ate in Japan!!! *Q*/
sooo goood!!!
sooo expensive though haha
oh it was really nice and soooo yummy!!! :D
afterwards we went to Shibuya!
we actually wanted to take Purikura, but it was raining like hell...so we had some dessert in Shibuya station~
Shibuya looked like the end of the world haha
our view out of the café ~~
ohhh it was Orange joghurt-kakigori!! nomnomnom~~
afterwards we went to our fav. izakaya btw haha~
just eating the whole day lol

thank you for reading!!! <3
i hope i can update my blog soon again ^^
and thank you for the comments :D