☆LIZ LISA GETS + Zushi Beach Day☆


how are you ??
lately i don´t feel so great, because of personal matters, but i still hope that everything will be alright soon ~
well, on friday i went shopping with Eileen!!
this was my outfit:
 dress: ALTA Shinjuku Chu XXX
bag: Liz Lisa
boots: off brand
(damn i look so fat lol)

At Liz Lisa I bought a super cute skirt and a blouse for just 6000Yen as a set!!!
suuuper cheap, cause it´s summer sale!!! *o*
it looks like this:
sooo cute and pretty hehe :D
what do you think? ^-^

afterwards we walked to Harajuku and also went to Zeal Link Store in Shinjuku and bought new CD´s~~
new [v]neu single and an old Royz single!~ (i just bought it because of the picture of Subaru xOx/ hahaha)
the cat is from a catcher in shibuya lol~
 uhhhh~~ Royz Costumes in the Zeal Link store *o*/

we also took Puri :D

and i also received my new Bikini on this day :D
cute right~^3^
 yesterday i went to the beach in Zushi with my friend Raphael, his bf and Anne~ :D
i met my friend Raphael in Shibuya about 11:00 and we had time to meet his bf, so we took some Puri hahaha :D
hahahaha xD~~
afterwards we went to Zushi!~
oh it was reallyyyy crowded!
near the beach we bought a watermelon ball, called suika-chan lol
Raphael with Suika-chan
Raphael and me~
sadly i don´t have the pictures from Anne yet with the 3 of us ><
i like this sign, it´s so cute :D
it was a really nice day ^-^/

on thursday i went to a darts event with Eileen~
we also got a farewell present from our japanese friends ;o;
omg, i had to cry, it was so nice of them ><
a wonderful photo album, with pictures we took during the year, postcards and a pen from university! <3
thank you so much!!!

thank you for reading <3


  1. Aww liz lisa sale ♡ ich finde du hast immer einen sehr schönen Geschmack und ich mag deine Outfits total gerne. ♡

    1. jaaa es war sale ^-^ vielen lieben dank <3 das freut mich :) <3

  2. uhh sale*-* die bluse is wunderschön*-* ich glaub, ich hab ein kleid, das den gleichen print hat, wie der rock, wenn ich das recht erkenne *blind xDD
    der bikini is auch super süß*-*
    ich find, jungs sehen bei purikura immer lustig aus iwie XDD diese großen augen.. xD

    1. danke ^-^ oh wirklich?? der print vom rock is soooo süß <3 :)
      ja, finde ich auch *o* ich hab den letzten bikini in der farbe abstauben können bei DreamV haha :D
      ja das stimmt lol~ und ich hab ihm noch gesagt er soll seine augen mehr zusammen kneifen haha xD
      liebe grüße <3

  3. I love your Liz Lisa purchases! 2 for 6000 yen is such a god deal. I ended up buying items from their max 70% off sale.

    <3 Sachiko

    1. thank you :) oh really?? what did you buy??? :D the sale was really good!!! so cheap ^-^

  4. Your liz lisa set is so beautiful and cheap too!

  5. really cute!♡ your blog posts are always so...元気 ! (^0^)
    i just bought shortpants from liz liza even though they had the sale going on and now i can't understand what i was thinking (-.-')

    1. thank you!!! ^o^/
      oh, which ones did you buy??? ^-^/

  6. Beautiful gets. Liz Lisa is amazing!
    I love the stuff!
    And Sale is the best time to buy although many things are alredy gone.


    1. thank you so much ^^
      i love liz lisa as well ^-^ <3
      yes that´s true!!! here is everything in sale, and not just the ugly clothes, like in europe hahaha

  7. Nice post sweets...
    Maybe we can follow each other..!!
    Keep in touch,