☆Sunshine City Aquarium☆

On 19th we met our lovely friend Erina!!!
we went together to Ikebukuro ^-^
First we went to the Game Center for Purikura :D
aaaand first time we tried Taiko!!

omg it was soooo fun, i love it hahahha

afterwards we went all together to the Aquarium in Sunshine City!!! omg it´s my favourite Aquarium!
it´s located on the top of the building and everything looks so great and the shows are awesome ^-^

they are sooo cute *3*
cute Erina!
yummy lunch :D
hahaha he was so cool!!




Yesterday Anne, Stefan, Eileen and me went to Kamakura together!
oh it was sooooo wonderful weather!!!
such a great day :)
 we met about 10:00 at Shinjuku station and took the train 10:15 to Kamakura.
 Stefan and Anne :D
we arrived 11:15 in Kamakura and went straight to the Daibutsu.
 just 2 stations from Kamakura station with the private line.
so cool!
we could buy ice cream near the daibutsu haha
afterwards we went to the Hase-dera!
Eileen, Anne, Stefan :D
afterwards we went to the beach ~
Kamakura 2013.03.17
afterwards we had lunch~~
yummy pizza :D
bacon, potato, mayo pizza :D
we went back to the Kamakura station and visited the tsurugaoka hachimangu shrine!
it was such a great day ^-^
thank you <3