☆Q-Pot Café + Shinagawa Aquarium☆

ohhh 2nd post today hahaha!!
i will be so busy the next days haha
yesterday i met my lovely friend Hiromi!
last time we saw each other was in 2011~
so i was so happy to see her again :D
we met at Omotesando Hills and went to a cute café called Q-Pot.
 the design is so cute :D
they sell Macarons and Chocolates!~~ yummyyy
bisquit shaped tables :D
cute Hiromi!! ^-^
my plate. i got a huge macaron filled with berries and cream *o* sooo yummy!!!
Hiromis plate. chocolates and macaron :)
such a great café! (but really expensive ><)

afterwards we went to KiddyLand!~
there was a new Sanrio character promoted, everything was so cute.
while i was looking at the things, Hiromi bought some merchandise for me...i didn´t notice ;3; i was so happy ;__; <3
it´s clear file, mirror and sticker. <333~
thank you so much!!!! ;__;
i also gave her a present, but just a little one ;A;

afterwards we went to Shinagawa, to meet Hiromis friend Kanako.
she is also such a nice person!! ;3;
we had lunch together. we received a souvenir from Kyoto from her.
it´s peach tea!! *o*
thank you so much!!
(i didn´t know her before, but i received a souvenir ;A; <3)
afterwards we went to Shinagawa Aquarium!! <3
i love aquariums >///<
cuuute x3
cute kanako and hiromi taking pic of penguin :D
so cute :D
than we went to the dolphin show!!
oh this was so cool ^-^
i took two videos :D

Hiromi and Kanako hahaha :D
i got this little seal from Kanako as a souvenir ;__; <3
and i bought 2 note books, one for Eileen and one for me.

afterwards we went to Shinjuku and took Purikura~ <3

afterwards we went to a shopping mall, to an expensive macaron store...
we had to queue up for 25min to enter.
Kanako bought 2 boxes of macarons, and than she gave me one as a souvenir, and i should eat them together with Eileen ;____;
 thank you so much ;___;
next time i will bring presents too X___X~

it was a really nice day <3
i hope i can see both of them again soon!!! <3 


  1. wooow*-* that cafe looks super cute. and you can tell it's expensive by just looking at it.

    Also love aquariums! so cute:3

    you got so many gifts yay:3

  2. www so viele liebe Geschenke von deiner Freundin und ihrer Freundin ><<3 so süß von ihnen!

  3. Q-pot Cafe ♥♥♥ - ich wette ohne einen personal local guide findet man solche schönen Orte zum verweilen erst gar nicht (*.*)
    Am besten find ich noch das Auquarium Bild vom Rochen an der Fensterscheibe: sieht aus als ob er lächelt =^.^=

    Vernissage ♥ Cream