☆Popteen Event with Kumicky and Mizukitty☆


A few days ago i read in the latest issue of Popteen mag about a Popteen Event in a fashion mall, located in Chiba.
Kumicky, Mizukitty and other models would be on stage and promote the latest corner of the fashion mall, called LaLa Popteen Land and Popteen Café!
so i decided to go there, to see Kumicky again haha
and of course i love Popteen since my earliest High School days, so i was really happy about the event!
this was my outfit for today:
blazer: Liz Lisa
dress: Cecil McBee
shorts: NY
tights: Tutuanna
shoes: ABC Mart
bag: Diavlo
accesoires: Forever 21

since Anne and Stefan arrived in Tokyo by yesterday, we met them about 11:30 in Shinjuku and went all together to Chiba!
we arrived about 13:00 at LaLa Port Tokyo Bay~
the fashion mall is realllllyyyyy great!!! everywhere huge palm trees and it looked sooo new!! it´s really sad that it´s so far away ...
first we went to LaLa Popteen Land!
really cute and the café is sooo pretty!!
it´s a colab with Sweets Paradise, so you can eat pancakes, and cakes for 70minutes hahaha
sadly we didn´t go there in the end ><
afterwards we went to the Popteen event!!!
it started about 14:00!
than Mizukitty and Kumicky entered the stage!!!!
first they just talked about the new area in the mall, etc
and than some JK girls from Popteen showed the cute uniform they use for the Popteen Café!

than there was a game with the girls, eating the pancakes lol~
it was really cute~
in the end there was the rapper SHUN and performed two songs!
(that´s why also some guys came to the event btw...hahahaha)

it was a really nice event, and i enjoyed it a lot!~
 Eileen, Anne, me

afterwards we had lunch!!!~~
oh it was sooo good www~

afterwards we went back to Shinjuku and took some Puri~

 funny faces haha :D

it was a reallyyyyy great day! i´m so happy that i could see Anne and Stefan after such a long time again!!! <3
and that i saw Kumicky for the 2nd time now wwww~

thank you for reading <3  


  1. Aww da sind ja Anne und stefan <3 wie schön, dass ihr zusammen was machen könnt, viel Spaß ^^
    Und tolles Event :3

  2. Lese deine Berichte immer sehr gern - und diesmal hast du wieder so tolle Bilder dabei! Echt schön und sehr interessant.