☆Harajuku Shopping☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
How are you doing?!?!
today Eileen and me went to Shinjuku and Harajuku~
it was such a wonderful weather today!! <3
my outfit today:
very simple haha
 blaaaaaaaaack wwww
we went to Donki and looked for Halloween costumes! i found a cute one, but at home i saw it´s too small...so tomorrow i will try to exchange that for the one i wore yesterday for the purikura...>o<
we took some Halloween Purikura as well <3
i really like them :D
afterwards we went to Harajuku for shopping~
we had lunch at a Pasta restaurant with 食べ放題 & 飲み放題 <3
pancakes and tiramisu *~*
this is what i bought!
i hope i can exchange the costume tomorrow ~__~
but i love my new dress haha <3 and it was sooo cheap *~*/

☆Shibuya 109 Shopping☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
How are you doing?!?!
today i met my friend Melissa in Shibuya!
this was my outfit:
 i like the shirt wwww
well, we went shopping :D
but first we took some Purikura!!!
 we tried the new puri-machine by reina <3
soooo great!!!
i really like the results!! so cute wwww
afterwards we queue up for Halloween-Cosplay Purikura! :D
 so funny :D
i want this dress for halloween hahaha
cute Melissa :D
after taking purikura we went to the pizza place from last time...actually it was by chance...lol
yummyyyyyyyyyy~ *__*
(i miss my spinach pizza ;__; )

afterwards we went to SBY 109-Mens and 109~ <3
i haven´t bought much...somehow i don´t like the current collections very much...T__T
at Pinky Girls i got a cute sweater:
so pretty :)
at TRALALA i saw such a cute room wear suit!!!
it´s leo print of course *__*
so cute, i love the ears haha
and i also got a new Mascara!
well, i bought one before in Germany...than i realized 2 days ago...it´s BROWN instead of black T______T....so annoying...
i hope this one is good....it was expensive though...
i also got some free mags for decorating my room lol
nice nice~
tomorrow i will go to Shinjuku and Harajuku to look for a Halloween costume~
thank you for reading!!!
good night <3


☆Harajuku + Tama River + Tachikawa-Yakiniku☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
How are you doing?!?!
on wednesday we actually wanted to go to the Alice café but we changed plans and went to Harajuku instead!
 this was my outfit:
scarf: off brand
sweater: Clef de Sol
dress: Yesstyle (random brand)
tights: Tutuanna
boots: off brand
bag: SBY 109
new hair ribbon <3
well, i wanted to take some pics of Eileen, so we looked for a nice vacation~
i thought of a nice graffiti wall, but at the spot i had in my mind there was already another shooting lol
so we found a nice british looking house~
here are the pics :)
i really like them!
i want to take more pics of people~
Eileen also made a pic of me haha
i have such a pained expression lol

afterwards we had dinner at Hohokam Diner~
huge Yamapi-Monsters advertising in front of the diner *__* <3
afterwards we went to Pink Latte and bought some nail art stuff~
so pretty :D
in the end we took some Purikura~
i like them :D

on Thursday after university we went a little shopping at Keio-store and OPA mall~
i found a photo book of Tsubasa from 2008 <3
she used to be so much more pretty back than ;__;
i don´t like her current appearence very much...it´s so fake...
well, in the afternoon we went to the river near our apartments~
there was also a little shrine on the way to the river :D
such a nice spot there :D

yesterday after university we met some friends in Tachikawa and went to a Yakiniku restaurant :)
my outfit:
trench coat: Tally Weijl
dress: Yesstyle (random brand)
tights: Tutuanna
boots: off brand
bag: Primark

Ei while ordering~
the battle field lol~
aftewards we took purikura~
everyone was kinda drunk~
it was a funny evening~ 

tomorrow i will meet my friend Melissa <3
thank you for reading!