☆Harajuku + Izakaya Nights + Gets☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
How are you doing?!?!
on wednesday there was Eileens birthday.
ne night before we went to an Izakaya to celebrate when it will turn 00:00!!
oh my, it was a quiet dificult task to find an Izakaya where the last order time didn´t pass lol
so we found one...were nearly the only guests, but the food was nice haha
 so much food wwww
the next day, so on her birthday we went to Shinjuku for shopping~
and i fell totaly in love with this ALICE dress at Putumayo... ;___;
 it costs about 230€.....T___T
but it looks so so wonderful ;A;
i also need a halloween dress for our party >~<
well, in the evening i actually wanted to take Eileen to the Alice in Wonderland Café in Shinjuku. but the one i was looking for wasn´t there anymore...and i didn´t look up the adresses of the other ones U___U
it also was raining like hell this day, so we decided to go there on another day...really sad U___U"
well, i also bought some things on Wednesday~
  new boots~
Panda socks, white pompom phone strap, pink tape and a hair band with studs~
 leo belt! just for 315Yen hehe
we also took some puri!
 it was a great day!!
yesterday after university we went to an Izakaya with Chris~
it was so funny haha
we ordered so much food, and luckily we have our member card, we get everything for half price!!!
  such a funny evening!
 also this week my Gang Geun Suk autograph arrived, which Nicole got for me when JGS visited Berlin some weeks ago!!! <3
thank you so so much again >///<
   so awesome!
right now i watch the Drama "Love Rain" with him <3

today will go to a Hanabi with many friends, and tomorrow there is a hiking tour :D
thank you for reading ^-^
my view from the balcony <3


  1. Wow das ganze Essen sieht ja sooo lecker aus (*-*)
    Und es ist sicher viiiiiel günstiger als hier (;0;) Und die Sachen die du gekauft hast sind ja wunderschön*-* Das Kleid ist ja leider wirklich sehr teuer..vielleicht findest du ein ähnliches das etwas günstiger is? Aber es ist wirklich wunderschön (;//;) Wünsch dir eine schöne Woche^^

  2. Wooaah ich hab jetzt voll Hunger wegen all der Essenspics ;____; Will auch!!!
    Schöne Fotos und tolle Einkäufe hast du getätigt! Der Leogürtel ist so süß!! Aber das Dress ist echt teuer v.v Schade, dass die Sachen immer so viel Geld kosten :(
    Liebe Grüße

  3. nomnom und puris *___* wie toll
    icbh kann total verstehen warum du dich in das putumayo kleidchen verliebt hast aber der preis ist ja auch erstmal eine ansage xD... die schuhe gefallen mir echt gut, ich stehe total auf solche oxford schuhe <3

  4. I'm so hungry after reading this haha;DD
    I love that dress!!! *O* I have seen it somewhere already but It's so pretty;o Your new shoes are so nice~ ^^ You're so pretty too ;)
    You're so lucky you got Jang Geun Suk's autograph :O He's really good in 'You're beautiful' & 'Mary stayed out all night' ^^

  5. The Izakaya looks bustling! :D

    The Alice dress looks lovely indeed!! But oh so expensive! =S

  6. Beautiful photos!
    The dress is amazing... :33