☆Tama Zoo + Welcome Party 5.0☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
How are you doing?!?!
since two days i´m recovering from being drunk...lol
well, on Saturday Eileen, Ei, Muki, Chris and me went to the zoo here in Tama!
it was really great :D 
here is my outfit from the day~
 cardigan: off brand
dress: Yesstyle
belt: NY
overknees: off brand
shoes: Tamaris
bag: Diavlo

the zoo is really nice! the animals have so much space (compared to Berlin)
here are some pics ^-^
 Ei~ xD
Muki, Ei, Chris :D
the whole group :D
it was really funny ^-^/))

Eileen and me headed back to our dorm, because there was another Welcome Party for us exchange students! about 18:50 we went to the entrance hall~ 
everyone was there, and our Manager and his wife made so much food and bought so much alcohol haha
one of 6 tables~ the manager came every 10 minutes with new dishes haha
i was never so drunk before....haha
at night i got everyone to go to Karaoke!! it was so funny lol~
the whole time i just talked in a high pitch voice in japanese...i guess everyone hates me now lol~
Eileen and George~
 it was a really great night haha~
i want welcome parties every weekend....free food and alcohol, YESSS xD


  1. man das klingt ja alles super und lustig :DDD Is ja echt nur Party bei dir XDD voll geil :D
    Und in hoher quietschstimme zu reden is doch super, muss auch mal sein XDD Und in Japan is man das doch eh gewöhnt lol

  2. like this post! and your outfit is reallu cool!:3

  3. Really nice outfit and photos :)

    xoxo Mikki | sweetdanger.blog.cz

  4. Der Zoo ist ja toll, so viele tolle Tiere *-*
    Ich hab aber auch das Gefühl, ihr feiert nur noch Parties xD Ach muss das Studentenleben toll sein.
    Liebe Grüße

  5. Haha die Welcome-Partys fand ich auch immer am Besten :D Ich mochte auch schon immer die Institutsparty wenn die Tôkais zu uns gekommen sind ^-^ Im Zoo war ich nicht einmal in Japan, das war bestimmt cool! Liebe Grüße <3

  6. Oh, so beautiful photos! =33