☆Outfit Post + Gets + Popteen 07 scans☆


Hello Hello

how are you doing??~
i am so busy, because exam time starts soon... 
beside studying i enjoy the matches of the Soccer World Cup hehe
i watched two of the games at an Izakaya <3
here are my World Cup Outfits haha
 I wear my jersey with the number 11 -> Miroslav Klose!!! (German Team)
my favourite player since WC 2002 >///< <3
of course i was cheering for Japan as well, unfortunately they didn´t make it into the round of the last 16!...
 i actually really love this outfit lol...the blue shirt with the white dress looks so nice hehe 
here are some pictures of the Izakaya!
soooo yummyyyy >///< <3
can´t wait to go there again ^-^
well, some days ago i went to the hair dresser and got a new hair style and hair color!!
i got a nice chocolate brown color and finally i got back my bangs!!
i feel so better with this new hair style now lol

last week i also received my new shoes!!!
they are so cute!!
>///< <3

and i bought this nice blouse !!
i already saw it some weeks ago but it was too expensive, but now it´s summer sale, so i was lucky to get it for 20% off hehe
i also received my new Popteen magazines!
issue of June and July!
here are some scans of the July issue!
New Popteen model Fujita Nicole! she is from New Zealand!
 she seems to be pretty cute...but actually i don´t understand why Popteen still does castings for models...cause they just choose them randomly (first Dakota...and now Nicole...haha)
Yukata!!! so cute designs!! want to go to fireworks display again and wear my Yukata ><
the hair styles are so cute <3

i had no time to scan the June issue...but i was quite shocked when i saw the pictures of Dakota Roses´ hair tutorial special...she teaches you that you don´t have to pay attention to the back of your hair style....lol (just two examples...out of about 7..)
  can´t understand why the magazine would print something like that...normally they pay attention that everything looks perfect lol...maybe the magazine just doesn´t take her serious lol....

some food porn at the end:

 Thank you for reading <3

bye bye ^-^/)) 


☆Outfit Post + Gets (DreamV) + Taeyang - Rise☆


Hello Hello

how are you doing??~
wow, the 2nd post this month haha
i wish i had more time to keep updating this blog regularly...
soooo, what happened during the last week?!?!
actually...not so much lol
i received my new clothes from DreamV and went a little shopping after university lessons~
but let´s start with an outfit snap from yesterday!
 cardigan: random store in Harajuku
dress: H&M
belt: DreamV
wedge sandals: off brand

i really love this outfit! it´s so comfy and elegant!! <3

ok, and here are the clothes i got from DreamV last week!!!!
first, this wonderful light dress with a cute rose print!
i hope the rainy season will be over soon, so that i can wear it haha
worn, it looks like this ^-^

the second dress i bought is a cute sailor dress!
 first i wasn´t sure if i should buy it or not, because i thought it might be a little too cute, but now i´m glad i bought it haha
can´t wait to wear it soon hehe ^-^

i also bought this cute flower print dress at H&M! (like you can see on the ouftit snap)
it was so cheap and the quality is really good, i was surprised lol

yesterday i bought also a new blouse in my favourite boutique!
3 bows are attached on the back, and the first layer of fabric is open haha
it looks so cute!!

yep, those were my purchases from the last week ^o^/

here are the latest food porn pics from my instagram account!
btw, did you already listened to Taeyangs new album???
omg, i love his new songs so much, all of them are so touching!!!
those are my most favourites!
the lyrics are so sad, and they describe my situation at the moment so well....
i was so surprised when i saw the english translation ;___;
please listen to them when you have a little time! ^^

thank you for reading!!!


☆Outfit Post + Gets + Popteen/Jelly/Happy Nuts Scans + Yui Kanno Liz Lisa Collection + ....☆


Hello Hello

how are you doing??~
waaaah, i haven´t posted for such a long time again T___T
well, here are some news about my daily life lol
two weeks ago i went shopping with Eileen!
this was my outfit:
 cardigan: offbrand
dress: Yesstyle
socks: Tutuanna
wedge sandals: Street
bag: Liz Lisa
we found a cute store with wonderful clothes this day *v*/
here are the things i bought ^o^/
omg, i love the light pink dress so much! it´s so elegant *o*
i don´t know yet when i´ll wear this jacket, but i had to buy it lol
i got this belt as a present and we also got a little discount because we bought so much haha lucky day!! ^o^/

did you already see the new Liz Lisa Collection?? it´s promoted by Yui Kanno again <3 
i like her so much :3
isn´t she adorable?!?! <3
the new collection is also very cute!! :D


ok, next topic xD
two weeks ago i also went to the classical concert of Yoshiki (member of X Japan)!!!
i am a huge X Japan fan since i was 12 years old, so of course i had to attend his show! <3
 even in my university was some advertisement for the show haha
it was quite expensive, but we had an awesome view! ^-^/
in front of the venue! unfortunately it was raining >o<
the stage *o*
omg the show was so amazing! he also performed the last song of X Japan, and during his play he showed some videos of hide and Taiji (they died several years ago and were members of X Japan) on the screen, this was so touching and sad and he cried as well!
my dad also enjoyed this concert so much! he bought the CD right after the first part of the show haha so cool!


ok, some weeks ago i also bought some new magazines!
Happy Nuts 05, Jelly 06 and Popteen 05!

here are some scans of the pages i liked the most ^-^
i was so surprised that Happy Nuts was such a great magazine! lol
i wish i bought it more often in the past U__U

the hair styles are so cute! i love the pages with Kumicky the most haha

the sailor outfits are really nice hehe


aaaaand last but not least, some food porn lol

thank you for reading and all the comments to my previous post!!!! <3
bye bye!!