☆Outfit Post + Gets + Popteen/Jelly/Happy Nuts Scans + Yui Kanno Liz Lisa Collection + ....☆


Hello Hello

how are you doing??~
waaaah, i haven´t posted for such a long time again T___T
well, here are some news about my daily life lol
two weeks ago i went shopping with Eileen!
this was my outfit:
 cardigan: offbrand
dress: Yesstyle
socks: Tutuanna
wedge sandals: Street
bag: Liz Lisa
we found a cute store with wonderful clothes this day *v*/
here are the things i bought ^o^/
omg, i love the light pink dress so much! it´s so elegant *o*
i don´t know yet when i´ll wear this jacket, but i had to buy it lol
i got this belt as a present and we also got a little discount because we bought so much haha lucky day!! ^o^/

did you already see the new Liz Lisa Collection?? it´s promoted by Yui Kanno again <3 
i like her so much :3
isn´t she adorable?!?! <3
the new collection is also very cute!! :D


ok, next topic xD
two weeks ago i also went to the classical concert of Yoshiki (member of X Japan)!!!
i am a huge X Japan fan since i was 12 years old, so of course i had to attend his show! <3
 even in my university was some advertisement for the show haha
it was quite expensive, but we had an awesome view! ^-^/
in front of the venue! unfortunately it was raining >o<
the stage *o*
omg the show was so amazing! he also performed the last song of X Japan, and during his play he showed some videos of hide and Taiji (they died several years ago and were members of X Japan) on the screen, this was so touching and sad and he cried as well!
my dad also enjoyed this concert so much! he bought the CD right after the first part of the show haha so cool!


ok, some weeks ago i also bought some new magazines!
Happy Nuts 05, Jelly 06 and Popteen 05!

here are some scans of the pages i liked the most ^-^
i was so surprised that Happy Nuts was such a great magazine! lol
i wish i bought it more often in the past U__U

the hair styles are so cute! i love the pages with Kumicky the most haha

the sailor outfits are really nice hehe


aaaaand last but not least, some food porn lol

thank you for reading and all the comments to my previous post!!!! <3
bye bye!! 


  1. It's so sad that Happie Nuts will be no more published :( I loved that magazine. I have purchased the last EGG magazine and waiting for it now. I just hope that Popteen keeps existing.

    The food looks really good btw! haha! And I love the dress that your wearing in the outfit pic ^^

    1. yes, i´m so sad that i never bought Happy Nuts before...i just own a hair style special and the latest issue T__T
      oh really??? where did you order the last Egg issue?!?! i don´t want to wait until it arrives in the import shop near my place haha!!
      yes, i hope so too! Popteen is the magazine which i buy since my early high school years...so i hope it will remain forever lol!!!

      thank you for your lovely comment as always <3333

    2. I bought EGG from Ebay but there it costs 13 euros (17,50 dollar) including shipping, so it's quit expensive. You can also order it from cdjapan.co.jp
      There it costs around 10 euros, includding shipping :)

    3. ohhhh!! i see i see!!! thank you so much :)

  2. Cute outfit! I love it. ^^


  3. i love the floral pieces in the new LL collection! The collection as a whole is still quite bland though...

    1. yes, i also don´t like the whole collection! but actually i just posted the pics because Yui looks so adorable hahaha and you´re right, the floral pieces are great :)
      thank you for your comment ^^

  4. Omg you konntest Yoshiki sehen..;____; Maa das ist so blöd, ich bin zwar in Japana ber ausgerechnet jetzt sind alle Künstler die ich sehen will im Ausland unterwegs... (T_T) das war sicher ein ganz tolles Erlebnis, ich hoffe ich habe auch irgendwann die Chance! Liebe Grüße!! <3

    1. jaaaaa, ich hab mich auch so gefreut >< das letzte mal war 2011...total lang her >< das konzert war wirklich schön :) mein papa war auch so begeistert xDDD <3
      oha, das is wirklich ärgerlich... :( ich hoffe du hast noch mal die chance >< <3
      liebe grüße ^3^/

  5. Lovely outfit. That food looks so yum. I'm jealous. Thanks for posting the scans. I bought some magazines excited for when they come.

    1. thank you for your comment ^-^ oh, what magazines did you buy? :D

  6. Hi Nene! I love your psts! The fashion, food, beauty, and travel posts!

    I nominated you for an award here: http://beekyoote.blogspot.com/2014/06/the-sunshine-blog-award.html

    Keep up the awesome work!