☆Ayumi Hamasaki Calendar 2011 + Love Songs Album + KAT-TUN NMP DVD + x-mas gets + MISSHA☆

!!!Hi GAL´s!!!
ドキドキ!!!!!Thank you for 305 Followers!!!!!ドキドキ
!I am so happy!
I should do a new GIVEAWAY soon!!! ラブラブ
(when i have more time....あせる)
TODAY I received my order from CD JAPAN!!!!!
omg i love the FedEx delivery service!!!!!ラブラブ
it just needs 3 days and there were NO custom feesビックリマーク it´s like a dream ドキドキにひひチョキ 
well i ordered the new calendar from Ayumi and also her new album.ラブラブ
and of course the new KAT-TUN live DVD!!!!!ドキドキドキドキ ドキドキ
 (there is also a NEWS DVD for my friend Kokoラブラブ)

1st the calendar:
arwww she is so beautiful ne?!ラブラブ
i want to be that pretty too ....しょぼん汗

2nd: the album:
i bought the special edition with a DVD, USB stick and micro SD card.
The album is called ´Love songs´ラブラブ音譜
the packaging is so huge!!目
there also was this big photo book.キラキラ
here is one of my fav pages.ラブラブ
gladly i have a japanese cell phone携帯, so i can use the micro SD card and watch the PV´s and listen to the songs. ドキドキ 
sadly it´s not compatible with non Asian phones携帯~ so i am lucky girlドキドキ女の子

 oh btw i got an extra present.プレゼント
it´s a sticker sheet hehe ラブラブ
cute ne?!

normaly i don´t buy dvd´s or cd´s right when it´s released but this time i had to buy THIS DVD because i went to a KAT-TUN concert in Tokyo this summer!! so i couldn´t wait any longer for this DVD haha にひひチョキ
right after the concert i wanted the DVD lol 
it wasn´t even recorded at this time haha にひひ
can´t wait to watch it!!!!ラブラブラブラブラブラブ

ah i hope you all had a wonderful Christmas time.ドキドキ
i went to my grandparents´ house during christmas家
there were a looooot of snow!!!!!雪の結晶雪の結晶雪の結晶
we also had a cute christmas tree クリスマスツリー hehe
sadly i didn´t had time to celebrate christmas properly because i had to study for university from morning until night all the daysガーン汗ダウン.....really annoying....パンチ!

but i also got some presents ラブラブプレゼント
it´s a book about Tokyo, socks, pants (H&M), a necklace, pajama, bed linen 
and sweets and money ¥
i didn´t get this much because during the whole year i got huge presents from my parents...e.g. they payed for my trip to Tokyo, i got a new room make-over, and a new notebook....and much more~ 
but i am glad i got this necklace!!!キラキラ
i wanted this for some weeks but it was everywhere sold out but my mom ordered it somehow via the internet リボンドキドキキスマーク haha
it´s so ANK ROUGE style, so i wanted it so badly !!!ラブラブ!
arw i used a new face mask righ now!!ラブラブ
normally i have masks from ETUDE HOUSE but now i tried a new brand called MISSHA.
It´s also an Korean brand.ラブラブ
and it´s also veeery good!!!!!  i love face masks btw.ニコニコ
if you have the chance please try it!!!グッド!
right now i am addicted to FT Islands song ´I Hope´!!!ドキドキ
it´s so great!!

How do you like it?音譜
クラッカー!!!I wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!!!クラッカー

Good Night ぐぅぐぅ
Thank you for reading!!!