☆week report☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
on tuesday i went to the optician~
i will get glasses next week ;A;
i won´t wear them everytime, just in university xD
it will look like this lol
 just old fake glasses, but it will look similar xD
i look so weird haha
on wednesday i met Marion! 
first we went to the japanese embassy and applied for my VISA~
afterwards we took some pics in the photobooths haha
so cool~~ <3
afterwards i met Pila.
we had bubble tea like always~
 and went to the Spree~
about 19:00 i met Cindy at Alexanderplatz for going clubbing :D
first we took some pics in the photobooths~
 than we bought some beer and went to the club~
we had to queue up for about 30min~
the location was really great!
it was a roof top open air!
Tv Tower @ Alexanderplatz~
the location was reallyyyy awesome, but the party was boring.
there were too much people and the area was too small!
no one could really dance~
and at the first floor the music was too loud...
we left the club about 23:30 and went to McD. instead haha
good that McD is always there for you lol~
i took the last train home.
it was a great evening nevertheless <3
yesterday i went to the cinema with Pila and his friends!~
we watched Expendables 2 !!!
this one is so much better compared to the first one!!!
and i was nearly the only girl in the cinema lol
funny evening~


☆K-Pop Party + Outfit Check + meeting my friends☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
here is one outfit pic from last wednesday.
i met Pila for shopping this day
 hair band: Primark
blouse: Primark
top: SBY 109
shorts: Pimkie
boots: off brank
bag: Diavlo
 on friday there was the first k-pop party here in Berlin!!!
omg it was so so amazing!! <3
best party night ever!
my outfit looked like this...nothing special ><
shirt:Tally Weijl
top: Blue Planet
shorts: Pimkie
tights: Tutuanna
belt: Pimie
boots: off brand

here is a vid~
omg i was so drunk hahaha~

Pila and me left the club about 5:00 in the morning.
i hope we can go clubbing once again before i leave for Japan ;A;...
about 7:00 i met Anne and Stefan for picking up our lovely friend Thanh Thao from the airport!
so there was no sleep for me >///<
first we decided to have some breakfast~
i didn´t ate much...
cute Thanh Thao and ugly me >< i look so fucked up...i felt like a zombie this day haha
afterwards we went to the Neotokyo :D
(c) Thanh Thao
me, Anne, Stefan :D
than we went to Bubbles!! <3
(c) Thanh Thao
 pineapple, green apple and jasmin tea!
omg i was so tired, i couldn´t even drink bbt this day lol
(c) Thanh Thao
than we visited the cathedral, brandenburg gate and the reichstag.
a Predator in front of the brb gate xD
i love this place :)
cute Anne and Thanh Thao~
in the evening we went to a japanese restaurant.
i just had a mini ramen set, ´cause i wasn´t hungry the whole day ><
afterwards Thanh Thao and me went to my place!
i received so cute presents from her and Theresa ;A;
 thank you so so much!!! <3333

after 36 hours of no sleep i finally fell half dead into my bed lol~
on the next day we met Anne and Stefan again at Alexanderplatz :D
i´m so tall ;A;....
well, first we had some bbt at Alexanderplatz and went to the Mauerpark!
every sunday there are so many people :D
we were waiting for the karaoke show which is held every sunday about 15:00!
Annes great phone haha so cute Rilakkuma :D
shortly before the show began it started to rain...
so we decided to go to Annes and Stefans place!
they have such a cute rabbit *///*
Thanh Thao got some presents from Anne and Stefan~
afterwards we started cooking dinner!
we made gyoza and okonomiyaki :D
super yummy <3
in the evening we went to a Karaoke bar :D
Stefan is dancing to Big Bang songs haha :D
it was such a funny day :D
today in the morning Thanh Thao had to go back to Düsseldorf!
we had a really great weekend!
thanks to everyone!