☆new GETS☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing???
yesterday i met my friend Maryam :D
we were in the same class back in high school!
first we had some Froyo onomnomnom~
 cute Maryam :D
 omg it was raining the whole afternoon...so annoying T___T
so we went to PRIMARK :)
here are some things i bought:
cute lace blouse :D
James Bond - Roger Moore shirt *o*
haha it´s from the mens section and too big, but i had to buy it lol~
new alice band and bracelet~

it was a nice day :D sadly we forgot to take a pic together ><
today i met my friend Steffi for shopping :D
i just bought new shoes and a bracelet :)
aren´t they awesome???? *3*/))
Steffi and me also bought a bracelet~
i have the cherry one, and Steffi bought the strawberry one :D
afterwards we met Pila and had some bubble tea at BoBoQ/Ku´damm!
Steffi and me :D
Pila and me :)
(i look so different in both pics 0o~ weird~)

right now i watch the Alien vs. Predator movies lol
they are kinda nice...haha

and tomorrow it´s OPEN AIR timeeeee wuhuu <3
can´t wait x3

bye bye~
and thank you for reading :D


  1. Schöne Sachen^^ Ich möchte auch shoppen;o;
    wie immer XD
    Und auf Bubble Tea hätte ich auch mal wieder LUst^^

  2. Beautiful things!!
    Amazing shoes and you look pretty as always! :))

  3. Love the boots! They're awesome! <3

  4. I love your shoppings, especially the blouse ♡

  5. Tolle Sachen!! Ich war heute auch shoppen :3 Und hab mich schon feinstens für den Herbst/ Winter eingedeckt.
    Ich freu mich so auf nächste Woche!!! :)
    Liebe Grüße

  6. Very cute new items, they are perfect for you!

  7. Iiih..you always have some sweet looking nomnoms in your posts and it makes me want to eat some too..hih :P

    Frillycakes ♥

  8. Loved the shoes and bracelet (*-*) its so cute ~
    aslo nice pics (^^) them all are very cute

  9. You bought some really nice things.
    Come and visit my Blog:)


  10. i like froyo
    your shoes looks really cool ^.^

  11. Such a lovely Blog! I like it :D

    PS. Win a cute give-away on my Blog ^^