☆Yokohama + Shopping + NEW Liz Lisa collection☆

How are you doing? :D
wooooow, the first few days of my vacation passed soooo fast ~3~/
on tuesday Eileen and me went to Yokohama~~!!!
last time we went there, it was just raining...but this time we had super great weather!!!
first we went to China Town...to Starbucks haha~
 afterwards we took some Puri :D

afterwards we walked around China Town~~
it´s a really nice place~
afterwards we had lunch at McD...hahaha~
we don´t go to McD so often, so it´s every time interesting to choose burger which are not available in Germany haha~ i had Ebi Filet Burger! soooo gooood!!! haha
afterwards we went to MinatoMirai~~
huuuuge advertising for the latest Die Hard movie!!! *3*/ can´t wait for the release <333
at the Ghibli Store i bought a cute towel and a card *3*
i love TOTORO <3
it was a realllyyyy great dayyyy :D

 Yesterday Eileen and me went to Shinjuku~~
we had lunch at a super yummy Hawaiian restaurant!!! *3*
this was a pancake/waffle thing with ice cream, whiped cream, strawberry, cheese cake, orea and red fruit sauce...hahaha to die for!!!! hahaha

at AVAN LILY i bought a new shirt, ´cause it was 50% SALE~~ wuhahaha
it´s so cool!!!

oh and i got a new pamphlet at the Liz Lisa store featuring their Pre-Spring Collection~~
take a look~
the colors are really nice :D

great weather today~~

thank you for reading <3


☆Update: Outfit Post+Shinjuku...+2month vacation..☆


How are you doing? :D
long time no seeeee~~
i had exams last week, so i was super busy with studying....
but no i have vacation for 2 month!!! yay yay yaaaaaaaaaaay!!!
i have to start planning this long time *3*
i definitely want to travel to Sapporo, because of the Snow Festival ^-^/))
well on Friday i went to Izakaya and clubbing in Shibuya with my friends <3
First time i went to WOMB~~~ really awesome club :D~~
Today Eileen and me went to Shinjuku, Shibuya and Harajuku ~~
well, we didn´t had any special plan and because it was sunday...and there were toooooo many people, i didn´t felt like shopping at all~~ haha
this was my outfit btw~~
onepiece: Cecil McBee
shorts: Pimkie
tights: Tutuanna
shoes: Tamaris
bag: Diavlo
accessoire: Accessorize

this was my hair style :)

first we went to Shinjuku and took some Puriii <3
i really like them :D

than we went to Shibuya for lunch!!!
and than back to Harajuku~~ Eileen bought some new clothes at Laforet because there was huuuuuge sale ^-^

ohhhh and the 5th part of the DIE HARD series will be in cinema sooooooon *0*///
i definitely want to seeeeee this one <3

thank you for reading ^-^
bye bye~~~~


☆Ghibli Museum + Snow in Tokyo ☆


How are you doing? :D
well, last Thursday i met my lovely friend Melissa!!!
it was the last time to meet her, ´cause she had to go back to Netherlands on weekend...
first we went to Sweet´s Paradise and had some awesome cake 食べ放題!
afterwards we took Puri and went to Karaoke! :D
we are definitely to tall for this hahaha
it was a nice afternoon ^-^

 on Saturday we went to the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka :D
Eileen and me :D
actually we were not allowed to take pictures inside the museum, but i took some with my ipod lol~ so the quality is kinda bad ~_~
Totoro and me <3 *3*/ i want a reaaaal huuuge Totoro ;___; <3
the merchandise i bought ^-^/ <3 all from Totoro of course hehehe
on saturday night we went to Shinjuku~~

Since it was snowing yesterday, Eileen and me went out today to build a snowman hahaha~
afterwards we went to Starbucks for studying and we had dinner at Izakaya :D