☆Yokohama + Shopping + NEW Liz Lisa collection☆

How are you doing? :D
wooooow, the first few days of my vacation passed soooo fast ~3~/
on tuesday Eileen and me went to Yokohama~~!!!
last time we went there, it was just raining...but this time we had super great weather!!!
first we went to China Town...to Starbucks haha~
 afterwards we took some Puri :D

afterwards we walked around China Town~~
it´s a really nice place~
afterwards we had lunch at McD...hahaha~
we don´t go to McD so often, so it´s every time interesting to choose burger which are not available in Germany haha~ i had Ebi Filet Burger! soooo gooood!!! haha
afterwards we went to MinatoMirai~~
huuuuge advertising for the latest Die Hard movie!!! *3*/ can´t wait for the release <333
at the Ghibli Store i bought a cute towel and a card *3*
i love TOTORO <3
it was a realllyyyy great dayyyy :D

 Yesterday Eileen and me went to Shinjuku~~
we had lunch at a super yummy Hawaiian restaurant!!! *3*
this was a pancake/waffle thing with ice cream, whiped cream, strawberry, cheese cake, orea and red fruit sauce...hahaha to die for!!!! hahaha

at AVAN LILY i bought a new shirt, ´cause it was 50% SALE~~ wuhahaha
it´s so cool!!!

oh and i got a new pamphlet at the Liz Lisa store featuring their Pre-Spring Collection~~
take a look~
the colors are really nice :D

great weather today~~

thank you for reading <3


  1. wooooooooooow so schöne Bilder (;///;)
    Yokohama scheint wirklich toll zu sein^^ Und Totoroooo *v* <3 wirklich ein schöner Tag wie es aussieht^^

  2. LOL! so you couldn't go past the super cute towel too.... it was the same for me..
    I could resist 3 times, but not the 4th time. so I had to buy the Kiki-towel. XDDDDDDDDDD

    McD? .. very healthy. lol

    awww, I want to go to Yokohama's Chinatown too!!

  3. omg die neue liz lisa kollektion ist nicht alles weiß XD wie schön XD

    ah das wetter sieht gut aus bei euch. hoffe hier hört es auch bald mal auf zu regnen und zu gewittern ==

  4. Uwaaa so much love in the new collection of Liz Lisa. Well.. As always haha! And as always, I can't buy any LOL. How I wish there's a Liz Lisa here in the Ph! >< ehehe


  5. So exited about the new collection of LizLisa *____*

    The pictures are soooo nice ^^

  6. die fotos mit den chinesischen lampions sind echt schön geworden :)... ich finde es toll das liz lisa ein wenig mehr vom pink weggeht und ehr pastellige töne einschlägt (in dtl. gibts akuell auch wieder viele sachen in pastel zu kaufen ^^)

  7. awww i haven`t been to yokohama in yeeears..well for shopping and hanging out anyways. thankies for reminding me. ^^v


  8. Man ich kanns kaum erwarten endlich wieder nach Tokyo zu kommen ;) Freu mich schon auf dich und auf gaaaanz viel Spaß! ;)

  9. the liz lisa pamphlet is so cute! is their spring collection expensive?

  10. really enjoyed all your photos ! it looks like you guys had fun!

  11. It looks you had amazing day! I love China town! :)

  12. btw! to visit the maru yokohama ship is only 300 yen maybe 500~ its pretty fun >.^ and there is a free museum near by also~ (near redbrick house) by the life guard boat