☆My Birthday☆

Hello everyone <3
sorry for not posting so often...i am super busy with work and stuff for university T__T
i hope everyone of you is fine <3
well, on Thursday, November 14th was my birthday!! ^^  
i turned 23...sooo old ToT... (got this cute cake from my sister <3)

after classes i met up with Eileen!
we went to the cake shop and ordered three pieces of cake, but unfortunately one of the pieces was so disgusting hahaha
raspberry- rice pudding cake!!! omg, i LOVE this one haha
apple pie~
lemon tart...it was too sour and had a weird taste >o<

 afterwards we took Purikura of course <3
Outfit Check:
hat: Wonder Rocket
Cardigan: Wonder Rocket
dress: Liz Lisa
tights: Tutuanna
boots: off brand

it was such a funny day :D
in the evening i met my family and we went to a restaurant~ :)

btw, i will go to Ayumi Hamasaki´s Count Down Live concert (12/30) this year again!!!!
can´t wait *^*/ <3

aaaaand on 12/31 we will go to a Countdown Live Festival because ROYZ will also perform during this show hahaha
Subaruuuuuuuuuu~~ <3 wwww

Thank You for reading! <3
(i love my polaroid camera hahaha)


☆Halloween 2013 + going to Japan☆

Hello everyone <3
first, BIG NEWS!!! i will go to JAPAN from December 28 until January 11 !!!! *3*/
can´t wait to go back!!! 3.5month in Germany are way tooo long T__T!!!
i found a flight for just 550€ via Air France!!! so amazing!!!
i will stay at my friends house <3 thank you so much again Amanda <3

well, i hope you had a great Halloween time?! :D
for me...yeah... i had to go to university haha
but during my break i met Eileen and my family!
all together we went to the cake shop and afterwards we took puri :D
puri and polaroid :D
 this was my halloween outfit hehe :D
puri with my parents and sis haha :D

on friday we went to the Halloween Party at Kristinas house~
before, we found epic cptn morgan in cans lol...
yummyyy~~ <3
Kristina always prepairs such a good buffet :D
got bitten by a vampire hahaha~
Eileen while doing her make-up~
Sarah got her make-up~~
dead witch hahaha~

i couldn´t join for so long, cause i had work the next day T__T"

this is a picture from me from last years Halloween Party in Tokyo~
it was such an epic night hahaha

random pics~
autumn outfit:
hat: rakuten
coat: liz lisa
pumps: sunshine city
bag: sby 109
received some of my packages from japan~

thank you for reading~
i hope i can post more often...>o<