☆Halloween 2013 + going to Japan☆

Hello everyone <3
first, BIG NEWS!!! i will go to JAPAN from December 28 until January 11 !!!! *3*/
can´t wait to go back!!! 3.5month in Germany are way tooo long T__T!!!
i found a flight for just 550€ via Air France!!! so amazing!!!
i will stay at my friends house <3 thank you so much again Amanda <3

well, i hope you had a great Halloween time?! :D
for me...yeah... i had to go to university haha
but during my break i met Eileen and my family!
all together we went to the cake shop and afterwards we took puri :D
puri and polaroid :D
 this was my halloween outfit hehe :D
puri with my parents and sis haha :D

on friday we went to the Halloween Party at Kristinas house~
before, we found epic cptn morgan in cans lol...
yummyyy~~ <3
Kristina always prepairs such a good buffet :D
got bitten by a vampire hahaha~
Eileen while doing her make-up~
Sarah got her make-up~~
dead witch hahaha~

i couldn´t join for so long, cause i had work the next day T__T"

this is a picture from me from last years Halloween Party in Tokyo~
it was such an epic night hahaha

random pics~
autumn outfit:
hat: rakuten
coat: liz lisa
pumps: sunshine city
bag: sby 109
received some of my packages from japan~

thank you for reading~
i hope i can post more often...>o< 


  1. Wow congratulations!! *u* But I'm again jealous of you haha XD Go to Japan is my big dream dear :) Amazing photos btw ^^

    Mickey // http://spookypastel.blogspot.cz/

  2. Hello!!!
    I love all your picture!!! it's so fantastic!! and I glad you enjoed so much with your friends and family!!
    woow!! I would love to go to Japan someday!!!! it's my dream!!!!!! I hope you enjoy when you go to there!!!
    kisses!! ^^

  3. You are so lucky you can go back to Japan again so soon.
    I'm really happy for you and it looks like you quite enjoyed your halloween though you had to go to university. (;

  4. Your halloween costume is so so cute! It's great you can get back to Japan again! <3

  5. und schon so bald wieder drüben ;))
    freu mich für dich :**

  6. Das Blat ist ja toll!! Und eure Halloween Outfits natürlich auch! ;) ich freu mich, dass du einen so günstigen Flug gefunden hast und wieder nach Japan fliegen kannst! !♡

  7. That's great you're going back to Japan! :) I really love the purika pics!

  8. 550€ is so billig*_* wow. und immerhin airfrance, und nicht aeroflot oder sowas xD
    süße puris habt ihr da gemacht:3

  9. Toll dass du einen günstigen Flug gefunden hast ^^ Ich will auch endlich hin... ;___;

  10. So glad you're coming back to Japan soon. Since I've been here in Japan I have fallen in love with the country more and more everyday^_^

  11. Lucky you get to spend the new year there! X3

    Btw, love your selection of manga! It's been so long since I last read one.^_^