☆Liz Lisa GETS + Last Day in Tokyo: One Year Living Abroad Ends☆

Hello everyone <3
wow i am really so slow with updating my blog haha~
i spent one month with studying for my exam and my part time job lol
on wednesday i had the exam and luckily passed! *o*/
well, today i want to write about the last day of my year in Tokyo!
it was really sad and emotional ... i cried a lot~
of course it won´t be the last time i will come to Japan, but it will never be the same like this speacial year...
in the morning we had to go to the post office to send our last packages back home~
afterwards we cleaned our apartments and packed our stuff...damn it was really difficult...it was not a problem of clothes in my case...it was everything around haha
my last package was about 14kg....i hope it will arrive somehow soon lol
It was the 31st of August btw! 
in the evening i went to Shinjuku cause since 2 weeks before, i was always looking for a super cute trench coat which i saw in the Liz Lisa Kawaii Magazine No.5 ...
 Tori-chan is so cute haha
i fell in love at first sight LOL~
so the shop staff from Shibuya 109 told me it will arrive on 31st and they will call me when they will receive it in their store~
so i went to Alta in Shinjuku and hoped that they also had it haha
luckily i got the last sample of the coat, cause it was sold out realy fast lol
even at the webpage it was sold out days before the release!!!
i can understand why though haha

and here worn by Yui <3 and me lol

 unfortunately it´s really cold in my country...so i just had one day where i could waer it...so sad haha

well, back to the 31st~
when i came back from Shinjuku, Eileen and me prepared our present for our friends in Kichinto (Izakaya~) in the lobby of our apartment building~

 and the result:~
i really like it :D
and the staff as well haha
they put it above the sushi-corner lol
later at night, i think about 1:00 we received a super cute parfait!!!
(we ALWAYS ate parfait while drinking, since the first day we visited the izakaya haha)
i was nearly crying haha
it´s written: Eileen ♥ Tabea~forever friends

so happy haha~
i think we said good bye to everyone about 2:00 in the morning~

i still had to pack all my stuff...Eileen slept for a while, but i didn´t and finished packing and cleaning...so stressful haha
i also took some pictures of the night scene out of my apartment haha and also from the sunrise lol
and here the view from my balcony~
the last things i couldn´t stuff into my luggage, i brought to the communication room~
everyone put their stuff there which is not needed anymore~ the new students can now pick the things they like~
so much stuff lol~

 sunrise!! <3 good morning Seiseki!~
!Vivid Tama! we lived in Tama-shi haha :D
last time i saw this beautiful scenery ;o;
i finished cleaning my room about 6:00~
it looks so empty...;_; it used to look like THIS!

Good Bye...most beautiful place in the world~ <3

we took the bus from our station to Narita airport about 7:30...i can´t remember correctly..
the flight was about 11:30 i think~
 luckily the popteen mag was sold earlier than normal lol...
we arrived in our country about 19:00~

so with this post my one year studying and living in Japan-Tokyo is over~
it was the best year of my life so far~ i met so many wonderful people, made so many new friends, learned a lot, made new experiences-good and bad ones, and developed a new view concerning my future~!!
and the most important thing is, that i could spent this year with my most beloved best friend <3
thank you!

(the really last post will be a post about my japanese university...just a pic spam)

thank you for reading!


  1. It must be really amazing year for you! I hope one day I'll study in Japan too :) Good luck in your future in your country :)

    Mickey // spookypastel.blogspot.cz

    1. thank you so much <3 yes it was an amazing year! :) i hope you can study in Japan as well!! good luck!! :)

  2. Yeaaah I agree this coat is very cute!! So awesome you did it!
    Liz Lisa coats are so kawaii!

    1. thank you :) yes, it´s such a pretty coat!! i was so surprised when i saw the new collection because everything was so nice!! :D

  3. It looks like you had an amazing time in Japan! >u< I really wish I can do an exchange like this as well~ It looks so fun; definitely a good experience - thank you for sharing with us!

    1. thank you <3 yes, it was such a great time ^^ i hope you can do an exchange year as well!!! ^-^/

  4. Such a cute coat! :D

    It's great you got to stay in Japan for 1 whole year. I know its hard to say goodbye to a place that you love so much. I've been going to Japan since 1998, and its one of my favorite places in the world.

    1. thank you :D

      yes, it was really hard to leave this place...i will go back in december though xD...but it will never be the same, and i miss the life there i had as a student, and not as a tourist... ><

  5. wow, what a beautiful scenery! I think I'd have to cry as well. I'm happy you had such a wonderful year!

    1. thank you <333 yes, i was really sad...this one year passed so fast...unbelievable ;o;

  6. you're so lucky to get the last one of the coats XD it was sold out reallyyyy fast. I was also thinking about getting it, because it's just too cute>_< but I was already too late xD it suits you♥

    1. thank you!! <3 yes i was really happy to get one of them! >_< i was asking in every store when it will arrive haha~ i was surprised that it was sold out days before the official sale in the stores...so crazy~

  7. Hach die Zeit ging echt fix rum!!! Unglaublich, es ist als wärs letzten Monat, als wir dich verabschiedet haben und nun bist du bereits seit einem Monat schon wieder hier!
    Der Mantel ist total süß!! Viellicht kannst du ihn die Woche ja nochmal tragen, es soll ab morgen wärmer werden :)
    War schön, dich gestern wiederzusehen ♥ Demnächst ja dann zu viert wenn wir uns alle wiedersehen :)
    Liebe Grüße

    1. ja, da hast du recht!! erst hatten wir uns noch in Tokyo getroffen und nun sind wir alle wieder hier und der kleine is ja auch bald da <3 unglaublich wie die zeit vergeht...
      es war so schön euch wiederzusehen!!! :)
      ich hoffe euch gehts gut!!~ liebste grüße <3

  8. Awww das geht ja wirklich sooo schnell (;0;) Oh Mann, war bestimmt schlimm für dich.. tust mir Leid.. ich will gar nicht daran denken wie es für mich sein wird, wieder zurück zu fliegen, das wird sicher auch schnell gehen.. ich hoffe ich kann auch irgendwie die 12 Monate voll kriegen, 9 Monate sind mir einfach zu wenig (>o<)

    1. ja, es war sehr schlimm ;o;...ich vermiss das leben dort so...in Deutschland is alles so...trist T_T... ich hoffe du kannst auch länger als 9 monate dort bleiben...das wär ja dann nur bis mai oder juni?0o...da sind noch nich mal prüfungen um in japan ... komisch ;A; aber ich freu mich das es dir so gut gefällt <3

  9. Omg, I only came onto your blog just recently but I fell in love with it! Studying in Japan has been a dream for me, but to be honest I don't know where to start etc... (and the language is soooo hard) Do you have tips for noobs like me? :D Anyway, I hope you and your friend will be able to go to Japan again in the future! I am sure you wil XD Lots of love!

    1. thank you so much !! <3 i am so glad that you like this blog <3 >//< oh i hope you can reach your dream and study there someday!! if you have any questions you can ask me via mail. it´s written on the sidebar on the right ^^/
      yes, i plan to visit japan again in december/january haha~
      byeee~ <3

  10. Awesome post. Glad to hear it was the best year of your life. Great memories for sure. ^_^

  11. I totally understand how you're feeling . It seems that you had such an amazing time in Japan ^o^ Lots of people can only dream about it,plus you're going to come back there one day,so don't be sad !! All good things in life have to come to an end one day

    1. thank you for your cute comment!!! <3 yes, i hope i can go back for a longer time soon :)

  12. super cute coat :) It must be amazing to study abroad but indeed very sad when you leave :( I hope you enjoyed your time there though! :)

    1. thank you <3 yes, it was such a great time :)

  13. Das muss bestimmt total seltsam sein, wieder in Deutschland zu leben ^_^ Ich würde Japan echt gern mal besuchen, allein schon wegen der Kultur und dem bunten Nachtleben!
    Der Mantel sieht supersüß aus!!

    ♥ Maho

    1. ja, es ist so komplett anders hier, als dort xD ich hoffe du kannst eines tages mal dorthin!!! es ist wirklich sehenswert :) <3
      danke <3

  14. I hoped you enjoyed your stay in Tokyo! :)