☆Alice in Wonderland Café + new Liz Lisa dress + Etude House haul☆

How are you doing?!?!
 Today Eileen and me went to the Alice in Wonderland Café/魔法の国のアリス in Shinjuku!
i invited her, because it was my birthday present for her ^-^
the entrance was so cute!! the book cover was the door :D
the dish samples~
so cute :)
we went there during for café time and ordered all the deserts they offered during this time hahaha  all in all there were 4 xD
happy Eileen~
and here come the dishes wwww
cute cat parfait~
creme brulee~
cute caterpillar <3
heart-shaped chocolate cake
we shared everthing! it was so delicious!!! *__*
we had so much fun!!!
this wasn´t our last time there haha!
but i guess maybe we will check out the other ones in Shibuya, Ikebekuro, etc. next time ^-^
before going to the café we went to ALTA!
i bought a new Liz Lisa dress there *____*!
it was so so cute, i couldn´t resist haha
can´t wait to wear it wwwww
we also went to Etude House *~*/
 i got the pink pouch for free *0*/

Puri from today xD
hahaha xD
it was such a nice day ^-^/))

i also received my new coat today which i´ve ordered from Yumetenbô!!!
the size is perfect!!! ahhh happy *o*/
so cute *~*/

on Monday Eileen and me went also shopping~
this was my outfit this day:
 hat: Wonder Rocket
sweater: Honeys
skirt: Liz Lisa
tights: Tutuanna
pumps: Tamaris

here are the puri~
i like them :D

i also received so much cute letters this week ;__; <3
from Anne&Stefan, Berenike and Katharina!!!
thank you so much ;O; <3

 an Anonymus: danke für deinen kommentar ^^
hm, wie ist es hier zu shoppen?...ich würde mal sagen wunderbar :D der kunde ist hier auf jeden fall könig!^^ das mit den schuhen stimmt! meistens muss man sie vor den kabinen ausziehen. manchmal gibt es noch, wenn man sachen anprobiert die man übern kopf ziehen muss, so tüten fürs gesicht, sodass das make-up die kleidung nich schmutzig macht. ob es die leute benutzen...is ne andre sache xD
das mit der kleidung über den arm...das kommt halt immer aufs geschäfft an. wenn du in Harajuku einkaufen gehst, in die nich so teuren läden, dann is das natürlich in ordnung wenn du deine teile auf dem arm umherträgst. aber in den teureren geschäften (bsp: SBY109, etc) hat man eigentlich immer eine verkäuferin an der seite, die dir die sachen zur kabine bringt, neue teile für kombinationen zeigt uvm. 
am ende tragen sie dir meist auch die tüte bis zur ausgangstür des geschäffts ^^
ziemlich genial alles :)
ich hoffe ich konnte alles beantworten ^^


☆Christmas Illumination@Tokyo Dome City + Momiji@Takahatafudo☆

How are you doing?!?!
well, after Monday where i went to Fuji-Q i caught a bad cold~
so i had to stay at home for 3 days....it was so so boring ---
but it got better from day to day, i hope i am fine next week :D
today i met my friend Susann <3
this was my outfit:
hat: Wonder Rocket
sweater: SBY109
dress: Momo
tights: Tutuanna
boots: offbrand
we met about 16:30 in Shinjuku and first took Purikura :D
 exactly one month left until christmas *__* <3

well, we went to Tokyo Dome City to see the Christmas Illuminations :D
(ok...you should definitely go there with your boy/girlfriend...lol everywhere couples...we were so jealous xD...)
 we bought yummy crepes!!! *__*
we found a super cute Moomin café&backery!!!!!
next time i want to go there and eat something ;__; it was so so cute !!
so cute :D
so so pretty :D
i want to discover all the nice places with illuminations in Tokyo ^-^/
most of them will last ´til valentines day next year xD so i have plenty of time haha
well, afterwards we ate dinner together in Shinjuku~~
it was a great day :D thank u Susann ^-^/))
On Friday after university we went to Takahatafudo to see a light festival with Momiji ^-^
this was my outfit :D
collar: Momo
jacket: Tally Weijl
dress: Cotton On
tights: Tutuanna
spumps: Tamaris

so pretty :D
afterwards we went to an Izakaya!! <3
Saki and Eileen :D so cute ^-^
the whole group :D
Takuya & Toma ~
it was a funny evening ^-^