☆Fuji-Q Highland / 富士急ハイランド☆

How are you doing?!?!
Yesterday i went to the Fuji-Q Highland together with my friends Erina, Tomomi and two of their friends :D
we met about 8:00 in Shinjuku at the Bus Terminal.
it took about 1.5 hours to go to the park, ´cause it´s located in the west of Tokyo, right beside Fuji-san :)
we had great weather, but it was reallyyyyyy cold!!!
(btw, my coat which i ordered at dreamv didn´t arrive yet...T__T)
well, here are some pictures :D
 here is a plan of the park :)
First we went with "Fujiyama"...i thought this will be fine, because there were no loopings....well....it was horrible haha
the highest point was 70m, world highest rollercoaster...and the distance was so long...i was so glad when it was over, i nearly cried lol
 afterwards we went to "Dodonpa". it reaches a speed of 176km/h, this was kinda fun xD

afterwards we had lunch. i bought Yakisoba <3
it was so delicious :)
Emi, Tomomi, Natsuki, Erina <3
i wanted to go ice skating *~*
Later Erina and me went to the Hamtaro Land!!! omg it was so cute!
i loved Hamtaro so so much when i was younger haha
So Cute!!! *o*
i liked Hamtaro land the most xD...
Fuji-san in the background!!!!! so pretty *3*
Evangelion :D
so pretty :)
i also bought two pictures, one from "Dodonpa" and one from the "Hamtaro Roller Coaster".
first: Erina and me
second: Tomomi, me, Erina, Emi
i also got cute birthday presents from Erina and Tomomi!!!
sooo cute!!! thank you so much!!!! i am so happy :)
about 17:30 we went back to Shinjuku by Bus.
the cold which i already caught on Friday got more worse, so i went home after arriving at the station. i really wanted to go with my friends to have dinner, but i couldn´t ;___;
next time  <3
 Thank you girls so much for the awesome day! i enjoyed it a lot!! it was so much fun!!! ^-^ 
thank you for reading!!!


  1. wooooow schöne Bilder *_____* Und schöne Sachen*-*
    und yakisoba*___* lecker^^ Sieht ja wiedermal toll aus, freu mich auf den nächsten Post :)

  2. wow, das hört sich otll an und es sieht so schön aus *__*!! wirklich!! Und Hamtaro Land *_* xD

  3. The rides look deadly!! I don't think I'd last long! XD HAhaha. Although I have to agree Hamtaro land is so cuuute!

    Momiji ~~ I really love Japan this time of the year!

  4. Ui so süße Sachen hast du da bekommen ♥ Und was für schöne Fotos!! Die roten Herbstblätter sind echt wunderschön!
    Liebe Grüße

  5. Hamtaro! I remember watching Hamtaro before. It seems really fun to go there. :D


  6. Ist das schön so direkt am Fuji-san XD Ich hoffe du bekommst keine Erkältung ;)