☆School Festival at Rikkyo and Chuo University☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
How are you doing?!?!
it seems on nearly every university is school festival this weekend haha
on Friday we went to the Rikkyo University in Ikebukuro to visit our friend Anna, who performed on the stage as a Cheerleader.
we also met Toshi and Rina there! :D
the entrance~
everyone put so much effort in everything!
in Germany this would be impossible...
me, Toshi, Rina, unknown guy
we ate some Yakisoba and fried chicken and left after 2 hours i guess~
we went to starbucks at OIOI~
it´s also located at west side of ikebukuro <3 
i was so happy to be back, ´cause i lived there 2 years ago~
we also took some puri!!
Autumn-poi wwww
hahaha the best one xD
afterwards we went back home~
nice sunset!

on Saturday and Sunday we went to our school festival at Chuo Uni!
omg it was so so great!!!
my outfit
sweater: Pinky Girls
skirt: Liz Lisa
tights: Tutuanna
pumps: Tamaris
we went to the festival, called 白門祭(HakuMonSai) about 11:30.
we met our friend Rika about 12:00 at our club stall and i received my club jacket~ :D
it looks like this:
but it´s toooo big haha
the club sold Belgian waffles, so delicious!! :D
 Shota had to do promotion xD
we walked around and watched some concerts~
Mr. & Ms. Chuo contest xD
the red circled ones are the winner haha~
we also went to a café and had some cake and coffee <3

great band :D
 afterwards we met our friend Ei!
 he helped at the hounted house, so we had to go there xD
i was so scared haha
 Eileen, Ei, me
 Club member :D
 girls dancing to AKB48 songs ~
in the evening we watched a dance battle~
so so awesome!

it was so cold in the evening, so we went home about 19:00~
i have to buy a coat for winter soon X__X

my outfit:
  hat: H&M
jacket: club jacket
sweater: Clef de Sol
skirt: Liz Lisa
tights: Tutuanna
shoes: ABC Mart
bag: Diavlo

today at the festival we just ate some Yakisoba and watched lives of rock bands the whole time haha, every band was so awesome and skilled!
we really enjoyed today!
haha esp. this band was so funny xD

in the evening we went to another stage where about 4 bands performed~~
so great :D
 we had such a nice day ^-^/
i´m glad to be a student of Chuo University!! :D
thank you for reading!!!


  1. Schöne Bilder^^ Und du bist natürlich wieder superhübsch(*v*) Hoffentlich kann ich sowas bald auch erleben *-*

  2. Schöne Pics. Freut mich, dass ihr wieder so viel erlebt habt! Du siehst super süß aus <33
    Liebe Grüße

  3. Ahh. Looks so fun! :-D We don't do school festivals here :-( Hehe.


  4. This looks fun!!^^
    Nice post and blog i love it!!^^
    Would you like to follow each other? I will follow you now!!
    If you want to follow me back here's the link :


    Have a nice day!!^^

  5. seems like you and your friends had fun at the school festival i wish schools in the U.S could have festivals like in japan that would be awesome!!!

  6. Japanese school festivals are so cool, they put so much work into it! XD

    Our school festivals here aren't as well planned as the japanese ones (well, most of the time! >_<), and not everyone participates so it's not as festive. :S

    The club jacket looks really cool, I wish we had something like that in out organization too! :P

  7. sieht nach viel spaß aus :p wie lange bist du schon in japan?