☆off to Tokyo☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
so, i´m off to Tokyo now ラブラブ
yesterday my parents and me had dinner at a chinese restaurant
my parents haha
dim sum
tofu and noodles
ice creaaam
what a great evening!!

oh and on weekend i made a little make-over with an old box i had haha
from this:
to this:
it´s so cute now!!!
it matches perfectly with my room and in my white shelf
so cuuuuute <3

so, see you in Tokyo again ne!
bye bye


☆ GETS, Karaoke, new friends, letters, Yamapi☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing???キスマーク
Thank you so much for 610 Followers now ラブラブ!ラブラブ
on Saturday i met my lovely friend Maria!! ドキドキ
she just came back from Hong Kong the other week, so we had a lot to talk about!! ニコニコ
we went to BoBoQ and Burger World haha~ and of course shopping~カバン
i bought the red checkered shirt which i wear in the next pics~アップ
so cute Maria~音譜
last weekend and the weekend before, i went with my friends to the "Mauerpark"~ヒマワリ
this was my outfitワンピース
every sunday there are many events, like flea market, karaoke, bands and much moreアップ
before going there we went to BoBoQ for Bubble Tea コーヒーハンバーガー
 cute new store アップ
 i love the cute covers haha~
when we went to Karaoke there was a guy who performed a song acapella by Johnny Cash!!!ラブラブ
afterwards his girlfriend entered the stage, and the guy made a marriage proposal!!キラキラ
it was so cute!! everyone was clapping and chearing!!ニコニコ
Tine and Eileenラブラブ
aaaand i have a new treasure!!!キラキラ
Johnny Cash at San Quentin vinyl from 1969!!! so happy~ラブラブ!チョキ
in the afternoon i met up with my siblings and their friends!ラブラブ
we went to Bubble Tea bar again haha
on monday i met my new made friends Lisa and Haru!!!ラブラブ
last week i sold my DreamV skirt to Lisa, and on the next day i received this super cute letter!ショック!ラブラブ
she also drew a picture for me.メモ
thank youuu!!! キスマーク
together with Sesin and Elisa, we went to the dir en grey signing session.アップ
 we didn´t get autographs because there were so many people, and we aren´t super big fans but to see them it was great ~アップ Kyo was so cute hahaha
this was my outfit btw 音譜
at night we went to a Karaoke bar!カラオケ
it was really nice. we got our own room, and we could choose between english, german, japanese, korean and chinese songs! アップreally great!!
Eileen, Haru, Sesin, Tine and Lisa アップ

when i came home i got a package from FedEx!チョキ
inside there were our JR Passes for Japan!!新幹線
it looks like this
at Narita airport we can exchange them into the real tickets!アップ
on thursday i´ve visited my sister at her working place!リボン
she works in a print shop
i brought Bubble Tea for us!!ラブラブ
we both like caramel milk tea the most!! にひひアップ
i also bought some make up this day 口紅
concealer by Manhattan and powder by Maybelline New York!ベル

i also got a cute letter from my lovely friend Thanh Thaoラブラブニコニコ
the paper is so cute!! ラブラブ!
thank you!!
on Friday i met my lovely friend Sesin!!!ドキドキ
today it was sooo super hot...and of course in German trains aren´t any air cons汗むかっ...so it was like dying inside of them... ドクロあせる
well, first i went to university...i had to hand in my reports アップ
i had to analyse a movie.
i´ve choosen the movie あしたの私のつくり方!
i really like the movie. do you know it? カチンコ
afterwards i went to the library and brought back my books.本
i also rent a book with Yamapi at the cover haha ラブラブ!ラブラブ
it´s from the time when クロサギ was released...the shooting was so awesome hahaha ラブラブ!
wanna show you the pics カメラ
arwww~ he is so wonderful ne!!ドキドキ

so Sesin and me went to Bubbles and shopping!!!
i bought some new shoes and a super lovely shawl!!くつ
and we found 2PM cracker in the super market!!!!ショック!ドキドキ