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ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing???キスマーク
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 last weekend i finaly had time to draw a picture for my lovely friend Thanh Thaoラブラブニコニコ
left: Thanh Thao/right: me
 i really like the result, and i was happy that my friend liked it as well!!! にひひチョキラブラブ
 on tuesday we had study group for my japanese class. it was really funny.にひひ
afterwards i met up with my lovely friend Yune ニコニコドキドキ
we bought some new magazines and went to Bubbles コーヒーラブラブ
 i got a huge tea for free today, ´cause my bonus card was full. normaly when your card is full with stamps you will receive a medium tea, but because i´m a regular customer, i got the tall one~ にひひチョキHAPPY恋の矢
i bought a cute mirror necklace from claire´s and the Potato magazine from June アップ
(yes yes, i just bought it because of the KAT-TUN poster inside hahaにひひあせる)
and here is the poster!!! nyaaa it´s so cute, Kame looks so lovely ラブラブ!ラブラブhaha
On thursday i received two post cards from my friends!!キスマークラブラブ
my friend Maria was in Hong Kong and Eileen at Corfu.アップ
thank you girlsラブラブキスマーク
we also had study group again. afterwards we went to Ishin, a japanese restaurant.ラーメン

in the evening i tidied up my room, and found some old manga/anime magazines, which i´ve bought when i was 14 or 15. にひひダウン
omg, back then i bought every magazine where i could get informations about Japan haha汗
so today i threw them all away...
bye bye my past パー
so today (Saturday) i met my friend Anne ラブラブ
we wanted to look for the new Bubble Tea store in our home town haha チョキ音譜
what an event にひひ
this was my outfitワンピース
nothing special todayあせる

we found the new store very fast. it´s really cute there.ラブラブ
look at the cute menu-card にひひ
i had caramel milk tea of course hahaコーヒー
it was really yummyラブラブ!

afterwards we enjoyed the nice weather and leafed through some magazines 本
Anne while looking at Popteen magazine アップ

i also bought a cute wristband today キラキラ
i love pearlsキラキラ宝石白

bye byeリボン

oh and i LOVE this song!!!音譜ラブラブ!

please take care everyone 音譜


  1. Ahhh the bracelet looks so cute^_^"!
    And ah D: You should've tried to sell some of the old manga xP ! The Kat-tun poster looks <3 !

  2. Hi!
    I always like your blog posts!
    Its always so interesting and you decorate your pictures always so cute!
    I like your outfit picture、The bag with the ribbon is adorable!
    Have a nice day(´艸`)

  3. Aww, I wish I could get exotic postcards too! <3

  4. HalliHallo~ <333

    aww Bubble Tea *-* jetzt würde ich auch gerne was davon trinken ♥
    Ich finde man kann nicht genug davon bekommen xD
    Hast du eine Lieblingssort? <3

    Ich habe auch ungefähr so viele Zeitschriften xD aber nicht von der Animania, eher von der Koneko xDD~
    ab und zu kaufe ich sie mir jetzt noch ^o^~
    Ich find dein Outfit sehr süß x333

    lg <33

  5. Thought I'd say, you have a really cute blog :)


  6. Daaaaaaanke nochmal für das tolle Bild! sobald es an meiner Wand hängt gibts ein Foto davon! XDD

    Wenn ich es noch schaffe bekommst du sogar schon einen Brief von mir bevor du nach Tokyo fliegst, ansonsten danach! Allerspätestens am J-Tag sehen wir uns ja in Düsseldorf, ich freu mich schon dich zu sehen! Klar hebe ich die Kat-Tun Sachen für dich auf, hab sogar noch ne DVD gefunden von der 2008 Tour war das glaub ich, wenn du interesse daran hast kann ich sie sehr günstig verkaufen XDD

  7. WOW! Lots of manga! hahahaha

  8. total viele tolle bilder hast du! und wie bunt und durchgeknallt hier alles ist, ich liebe das! danke dass du nun leserin meines blogs bist <3

  9. omg, I see a lot of cute things. I really like your Blog. It's not like the others.. it's special and THAT make it so fantastic.

    please visit me on:

  10. the bracelet is cute n.n aw i love the sogn too =D im watching that drama too =D

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