☆meeting Maria + GETS☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing?
today i met my lovely friend Maria!
we haven´t meet each other for one year X___X
such a long time...
we went to Berlin for shopping!
(all pics are made by Maria!)
this was my outfit~
 hair tie:Paris Kid´s
sweater: Vero Moda
top: Blue Planet
shorts: Pimkie
tights: Tutuanna
socks: Tutuanna
boots: Primark
bag: Primark
 at Ku´damm we went to a japanese restaurant called ISHIN!
omg i ordered such an awesome meal haha
afterwards we took some pics at the photo booth!
waiting for the photos haha 
afterwards we went to Primark!
i had to exchange a shirt which i bought last week, ´cause it was too big..
afterwards we met Pila.
unfortunately Maria was too tired to go back to Ku´damm for Bubble Tea ;A;
so she went back home.
epic bbt~

i bought those new things <3
@Gina Tricot
i love the letter paper!!! Mamegoma !! so cute <3

it was a great day <3
thank you for reading!
bye bye~ <3


☆Baltic Sea - Rerik - Day 4 + back in Berlin☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing?
i´m back from my little trip to the baltic sea!
here is the report from yesterday!
we went to Warnemünde~
Schnitzel for lunch *o* <3
 and the last time epic sunset pics ;A;
it was such a nice trip :D
thanks to my dad who traveled with me :) <3
 when we reached our hometown i get off the car at the central station and went to Berlin and met Pila.
we walked around looking for "breakfast"...about 17:00 in the afternoon lol
we went to the sixties diner
epic sunset again~
it was a funny day!~
yesterday i also received my results for the reports i had to write last semester!
and omggggg!!!! i got an A+ and an A!!!
i´m so happy *o*

thank you for reading!!!
bye bye <3