☆week report (pic heavy!) + new B2ST PV☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing and how was your weekend?
on friday i met Eileen, we went to Primark and afterwards we picked up Pila from work.
first we went to Ku´damm for Bubble Tea!
so great, they have a summer auction where every tea just costs 2,20€~2,50€!!
haha~ suspicious gaze
beautiful sunset!!
 Eileen and me :D
we walked from Zoologischer Garten through Tiergarten, ´til Potsdamer Platz :)
 Eileen & Pila
Eileen and me: Level Tourist lol
omg epic duckface is epic lol
level zombie lol
Pila and me xD 
it's mysterious that he didn't collapse, because i´m so heavy lol
walking and walking and walking... xD
it was a really nice evening :D
on Saturday and Sunday i met Pila again.
on Saturday we just walked around through Berlin...like...always lol
epic sunset pics again!!~~
on sunday i actually wanted to go to an Open Air but my friends canceled our appointment...
i met Pila about 16:00 at Hackescher Markt~
(all pics by Pila)
first we had bubble tea! (remember the auction from the beginning of the post ;D)
we walked from Hackescher Markt ´til Potsdamer Platz!
(pic by me xD my university lol)
i love this pic~
i was at home about 22:30. so i had the chance to see my parents.
haven´t seen them for some days, ´cause they went on vacation to Düsseldorf.
on Monday i met my friend Kukki :D <3
haven´t seen her for ages...X___X
we met at Alexanderplatz!
and we decided to eat a huuuge sundae! because the weather was so awesome and we both haven´t eaten a sundae this year yet!
i had a strawberry and Kukki had a Kiwi sundae!
it was super yummy!!!
afterwards we went to BoBoQ and bought Bubble Tea for our journey to a huge park in the south of Berlin lol
the park was an old train area!
look at the pics! it was really cool :D
Kukki being awesome xD
Kukkiiii :D
afterwards we went to Primark but just for checking out new clothes haha
about 20:30 i said good bye to Kukki and picked up Pila from work.
we went to the central station for taking some pics of the sunset...but the sun wasn´t there anymore lol~
but the pics turned out great nevertheless!
(all pics made by Pila!)
the pics are really nice :D
afterwards we went to Potsdamer Platz to Mc Donalds...like all the days before lol
i took the last train home~
it was a nice day :)
today the weather was sooooooo great so i went to a park in my hometown for taking pictures!
milkshake <3

so many pictures haha
i´m sorry! but i hope you like them nevertheless!
from tomorrow i´ll be on vacation at the baltic sea!
can´t wait hehe
Bye Bye!!~~


  1. Amazing photo! What camera do you use? :)

  2. woww tolle Bilder *-* Du bist so süß, ich liebe das Top*-* Berlin ist echt auch ne coole Stadt*v*
    aah ich konnte die sommeraktion erst einmal nutzen, ich möchte auch wieder BT trinken;0;

  3. Die Lok sieht aus, wie der Hogwartsexpress xDDDDDDDD

  4. Den Post muss ich mir unbedingt noch mal aufm PC anschauen, aber sie sehen auch übers Handy schon fantastisch aus. ^^ Schaut so aus, als ob du schöne Ferien hättest, ich gönne es dir! <3


  5. i freaking love bubble tea! isn't amazing?

    Also, please join my giveaway over here: http://www.robotsintrouble.com/2012/07/giveaway-20-gift-card-to-skincarerx.html


  6. oh voll die schönen bilder *_* sieht alles nach spaß aus und generell...oh will auch bubble tea TT

  7. Soooo viele tolle Bilder!!! ♥ Schade, dass wir jetzt schon wieder arbeiten müssen und keinen Urlaub mehr haben, sonst hätten wir uns auch mal treffen können ;.;
    Hast du denn vielleicht das nächste Wochenende (also dieses nicht, da fährst du ja weg) Zeit? Wir müssen uns doch auch unbedingt mal wieder sehen!! *.*
    Stefan und ich kaufen auch grad überall BubbleTea, weil überall Sommeraktion ist, voll geilo :3
    Die Lok sieht aus wie die Harzer Schmalspurbahn :)
    Liebe Grüße ♥

  8. OMG! Wo steckst du nur deine 1000 BubbleTeas hin? Du bist so schlank.. T__T Das Privileg hätte ich auch gern. XD

  9. veery nice pictures~~!! :))

  10. awesome pictures and omg was was posted all over that mailbox? and the bubble tea looked good.