☆Shimokitazawa + Alice Restaurant + Zeal Link Concert☆

how are you dooooooing???? :D 
yesterday Eileen and me went to Shimokitazawa!
it´s not far away from Shibuya~
 cap: Avan Lilly
top: clef de sol
shirt: Tally Weijl
shorts: New Yorker
belt: D.I.A
(shoes: Harajuku store)
(bag: Diavlo)
we arrived in Shimokitazawa and first we went to the Lawson to buy our Royz/カメレオ concert on Wednesday!!!
 can´t wait to see ROYZ again *_________* <3~~
 expensive Keio Line haha~
i like this pic :D

i like flowers ^-^<3
so cute vending machine xD
we had lunch at an Udon restaurant~

we also took some puri of course :D

afterwards we went to Shibuya~
went to 109 mens <3
omg, i wanted to buy the whole Diavlo store hahaha~

afterwards we went to the game center!~
fuuuu i got 4 items with one try out of the gatcha!!! i am such a pro lol
so cute~
afterwards Eileen went home and i met my friends Zuzana and Chisato about 20:00 at Hachiko!
it was Zuzanas birthday so we went to the Alice Restaurant in Shibuya!
cute Chisato holding the menu :D
Zuzana and me~
so pretty :D
Happy Birthday Zuzana :D
Chisato had Kitty Risotto!
(there was a colab with Hello Kitty x Alice )
Zuzana had chicken something~
i had japanese style pizza~ cat tail haha
afterwards Zuzana received a birthday dessert!
it´s soooo super cute!!!
it was such a nice evening :D
thank you girls ^-^
afterwards we also took birthday puri!!

so much fun :D

such a nice day!!

on Saturday Eileen and me went to the Zeal Link concert!
it was the tour final in Shibuya O-East with 6 bands!
 Royz , HERO, Daizy Stripper, BORN, Mix Speaker's, Inc., v[NEU]
omg i was so happy to see ROYZ!!! <3
i like them so much!! <3
v(neu)! <3 guys in suits = love!
in the end all bands came out and performed the last song together :D
so nice <3

it was such a nice 4.5 hour concert haha :D
when we got out in front of the venue some indie bands were handing out their flyers!
also KERA model Oni!

Eileen likes her so much, so we asked for a photo :D
such a nice evening!!! :D

can´t wait to see Royz on wednesday again!!!! <3

thank you for reading!!!!!!!!!

bye bye~


☆Shibuya 109 -> GETS~d.i.a + Avan Lilly / Purikura☆

how are you dooooooing???? :D
(haha found this puri and noticed that i haven´t uploaded it yet!!! xD)
today after university Eileen and me went to Shibuya :D
we had lunch at a pizza place and went shopping at 109 afterwards~!!
i bought a nice belt at d.i.a!! haha :D
so pretty :) can´t wait to wear it ^-^
and the shop staff at d.i.a was sooooo funny and nice!! :D i was surprised hahaha~~
we took a pic together ~~
( i look so bad lol)
 haha :D

at Avan Lilly i also bought a new cap  :D
btw caps are really IN right now here in Tokyo!!!! ;)
so cool x3
the best print i have seen so far haha

aftewards we went to the game center and took puri <3
btw today was sooooo warm!!! about 27°C!!! :D~

 afterwards we went to Shinjuku and went to ALTA!
in front of the ALTA a new Bubble Tea store opened last month!!!
omg....we bought our first bubble tea after nearly 9 month!!!! X__X
and you have to remember...in Germany we were addicted to this stuff...haha
damn, it was such an epic moment xD~
with the drink we strolled through the streets of Shinjuku and enjoyed the nice summerly evening haha :D
when i came home i had my new AYU dvd in my post box wuhaaaaa :D
it´s the CDL 12-13 dvd! i went to the concert during new years eve!! can´t wait to watch it!!! <3
 <3 the magazine is Ank Rouges new collection mag ^-^

thank you for reading!!!!!! <3
bye bye :D