☆new GETS + week report + new Liz Lisa Collection☆


just a little break from the trip pictures~~
so here is a little week update! 
let´s start with yesterday!
My friend Riu invited me to be a make-up model for her school~
and i was allowed to invite 2 more friends~ so Nina and Eileen ccame with me ^-^
we met in Shibuya and went to Rius Make-Up school!
the working places haha
the finished results~
my hair wasn´t that great haha~
but Eileen looked so cool!!!
Ando-san and me
Riu and Eileen
Hikari and Nina
my eye make-up~~
the pictures from Eileen and Nina are soooo pretty ^-^/
it was so much fun :D 
afterwards we went back to Shibuya central station~
we went to a nice Okonomiyaki restaurant!! nomnom~~
it was soooo good!!! *3*/
afterwards we went to a huge amusement center which had bowling, billiard, karaoke, table tennis, game center, puri and much more~
it was really cool!
so we took puri!
Nemoyayo machine^-^

haha so much fun :D
afterwards we went to Karaoke ^-^
cute Riu!!
it was such a funny day ^-^/

on Thursday Eileen and me met our friend Zhenyi and Joanna!~
before Eileen and me went to Shibuya~ i bought a new bag in 109 for university~<3
and we had lunch in Harajuku nomnom~
At Laforet Eileen bought new clothes and made a picture with the shop staff.
haha she was so cute!
we met Zhenyi and Joanna about 15:00 and went shopping ^-^
later we had dinner at a suuuuuper cute pancake restaurant!!! *3*/
i made a little collage :D
i bought new short pants, a cute lace denim blouse, the new bag, a bracelet and the latest Royz album *3*/
so much fun ^-^
i also got the latest Liz Lisa magazine!!!
 so nice ^-^
and the new summer collection promoted by Yui!!

so pretty ^^

on monday i went to the Tokyo Fashion Collection in Yokohama together with my friend Zuzanna!
the show was in Yokohama Blitz!
this was the flyer~
the advertisement for the show was really good, but in the end it wasn´t really great...
it started at 12:00 and until 17:00 just unpopular artists were singing and performing...it was kinda boring. 

in the last 30min the fashion show started.

 it was nice, but somehow not so professional... of course the models were perfect, but there were no signs which brand was promoted right now when the models came out etc...really disappointing..-__-

we left a little earlier cause again artists were singing and we took some puri~
some weekends ago i met my friend Alex and he showed Akihabara to me~
we went to a Maid-Cafe, Game Center, Karaoke,Gundam Café and had steak for dinner!
it was so much fun hahaha
thank you for reading!!!
next post will be finally about the last day of our trip to Hiroshima! ^-^
bye bye~~


  1. omg! im in love with those outfits!


  2. thanks for posting the pics of the new Liz Lisa magazine:33

    Too bad they didn't show which brand it they were running for.-.