☆Hiroshima #1☆

on the 27th of March we left Kyoto and took the local train to Hiroshima~
it took about 6 hours...
in the evening we searched for our Hostel, and had Yakiniku dinner~
our hostel was soooooo much better than in Kyoto. we were so happy haha
so, on 28th we started the day at a Austrian Café and had yummy breakfast~
afterwards we went to a pretty garden!
 we arrived at the garden, and wow, it was so beautiful!!~~
two colored cherry blossom tree!!!!
sooo cute *A*/)))
we made a small picknick haha :D
in the park there were some couples wearing so pretty traditional clothes~
i could take some nice pics :)

so pretty~ :)
i really love cherry blossoms hehe :Dafterwards we walked to the Hiroshima castle!!~~
because we are exchange students we didn´t have to pay any entrance fee for the castle hahaha :D
old uniforms~~
nice view over Hiroshima :D
afterwards we went to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial (Genbaku Dome) and the museum.
after a short walk we arrived at the dome!
it was really sad to see this ruine...and i was in a really sad and depressed mood~
 the Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall before and after the airdrop of the  atomic bomb on 6th august 1945

 we arrived at the memorial for children~
it was built due to the girl Sadako Sasaki who died because of the late effects of the atomic bomb. during her stay in the hospital she folded more than 600 of origami paper cranes in hope that her whish to be alive will come true, but she died and didn´t reach the necessary 1000. the memorial stands for Sadako and all the children who died during the bombing or due to the late effects.
Sadako holding a paper crane
the memorial peace museum in the background
i really like this picture!!!

afterwards we went to the Museum.
we were surprised that the entrance fee was just 50Yen~
 the museum was really interesting and also so sad!
i couldn´t stand it til the end, it was so real shown and so touching...i had to cry and just walked pretty fast through the last rooms...
there was a special exhibition with personal goods like school id cards and photos etc. from children who died during the catastrophe and their story how they died... it was horrible and it moved me to tears...i just read about the first boy and started crying.

here are some pictures:
Hiroshima after the catastrophe.
 Hiroshima before...
 ...and after the catastrophe.
whole Hiroshima was gone...
 i am so glad that i visited this museum and the whole peace memorial park!
so when you are in japan and plan to travel around, please go and visit Hiroshima!
it´s worth it!
in the evening we had dinner at an Okonomiyaki restaurant with our classmate Corbin and his parents. we met them by accident at the memorial for children.
we ate Hiroshima-Style Okonomiyaki!

 so yummy!!!~~~

it was such a great and memorable day!
i am so glad that i could stay in Hiroshima!
the next post is about Miyajima!
thank you for reading!!!! ^-^


  1. OMG! an Austrian café? xD
    awesome! ^^

    awwww your photos are soooo beautiful!
    ja, wirklich hübsch! <3 gefällt dir dein Leben in Japan auch noch immer so gut?

    ich wünschte ich wäre wieder dort... ;__;

    *knutscha von Nike*

  2. Wow was für wunderschöne Fotos ♥
    Die Hochzeitsbilder sind ja toll geworden und auch die ganzen Leute im Kimono sehen voll toll aus!! Und die Kirschblüten *_* ♥♥♥
    Liebe Grüße <3

  3. So jealous... I wish I could be there...
    Thanks for sharing your pics!

    Greetings from Shirayuki's Beauty.

  4. I like your blog, very few people share beatiful things while they are in Japan

  5. Wow! Beautiful pics! That Okonomiyaki looooks sooo delish!!

  6. Tolle tolle Kirschblütenbilder und generell die Bilder.
    Bei der Geschichte von Sadako musste ich auch fast weinen~ kann dich gut verstehen. Das muss derbe hart sein .__.

  7. Hello. I really like your blog and it would mean a lot to me if you take a minute and check my blog. Thank you so so much, have a nice day,
    xoxo Nika