☆Kyoto #3 - Ginkakuji + Kinkakuji + Arashiyama☆

on our third day in Kyoto (23.03.) we deiced to visit the Ginkakuji (silver temple), Kinkakuji (Golden Temple) and the Arashiyama distrcit.
first we went to the Ginkakuji~
the way was lined with super cute stores. one was full with bunny merchandise!!!
so cute!! *3*

 after a little walk we reched the park of the Ginkakuji~
 well, the park was really nice, but the temple is not that spectaculous haha
aaaand the Ginkakuji! well...so small and there is nothing silver like it´s name...haha

than we went back to the bus stop and went to the Kinkakuji!
so cute :D
aaaaaaaaand the Kinkakuji!!!
really pretty!!!
but the park was boring actually haha

than we went to Arashiyama!
first we had yummy lunch!
we had some sweet snack at a nice café again!
sakura sundae!!!
so damn good!!!
in the evening we took some Puri :D
sadly the old Tsubasa machine wasn´t working ><

what a nice day again!
thank you for reading!!! :D


  1. wow, sounds really nice and all the pictures are amazing!

  2. amazing pics *_____* im speechless

    bb, rin-tastic.blogspot.com

  3. Oh my gosh, such amazing photos! It looks like you had a LOT of fun~ >u< I really want to go now as well! *A*