☆Kyoto #1 - Toji Temple + Fushimi Inari Shrine☆

i haven´t posted anything the last two weeks, cause Eileen and me went on a trip to different cities in west Japan!~
we booked everything just 2 days before going, so i hadn´t time to tell you haha
well, our first step was Kyoto!
we started in the morning of the 20th of March and after 9 hours we arrived in Kyoto.
we had the so called Seishun 18 Ticket (青春18きっぷ).
it´s a ticket just sold several times a year, where you can go through whole Japan by local trains. the ticket is valid for 5 days and costs about 11500Yen, which is really cheap!
and since we´re poor students, we decided to go with this ticket, instead of paying overprized Shinkansen tickets, or flight tickets.
well, we arrived in Kyoto in the evening and searched for our Hostel....
ok, the Hostel wasn´t the best...but it was cheap and had a good location.
the next day we started  our sightseeing tour!
first we went to Toji Temple and the Fushimi Inari Shrine!
here some pictures of the way to the Temple~

Kyoto Tower! (Sadly it was closed due to renewal)

 after a short while we arrived at the Toji Temple.
there was a huuuge flea market which is hold just once a month!
here are some pictures!

on the way to Fushimi Inari Shrine!
cute Eileen! first time we found Melon Soda in bottles *3*/
normally you just can drink it at Karaoke or Family Restaurants, etc...
Finally we arrived at the Fushimi Inari Shrine!!!
so pretty! it´s famous for it´s 1000... red gates!
after walking for quite a while, we reached a small restaurant on a hill and decided to eat Kitsune Udon. omg it was soooo good <3
it was such a nice day :D


  1. das ticket klingt wirlkich gut, das werd ich mir merken^^
    tollle tolle bilder *v*

  2. Kleiner Tipp: Das Fanta Melon Soda gibt es in (fast) allen SevenEleven-Combinis :)

    Und wirklich tolle Fotos!

    1. dann war ich bis jetzt nur in denen wo es das nicht gibt....