☆Week Report -> Cecil McBee + Etude House haul + Simple Plan Concert + Sakura Matsuri☆

  just a small week-report from last week!!!~~
on Tuesday Eileen and me met our friend Nao and we went to the SIMPLE PLAN concert together!!!~~
ohhh i saw them last year in Berlin, but this concert in Shibuya was soooo much better haha
the fans were freaking out! i never partied so hard at a concert! unbelievable wwww
i catched a pick from Jeff, and Nao got one from David :D we were so lucky hahaha
and the tour shirt is so cool! 
 really nice :D

on thursday we had to take the placement test~
i got into the next higher class wuha :D
some pics of the cherry blossoms in the university area~
all the circles were handing out flyers or did small performances~
really nice!

afterwards my friend Zuzanna and me went to Naka-Meguro to watch the cherry blossoms, but unfortunately because of the rain on Tuesday it was nearly over.
here are some pictures :D
it looked really nice :D
afterwards we went to a bar ^-^
super funny day :D

on Friday Eileen and me hat lunch at a Burger restaurant in Harajuku~

afterwards Eileen went to a concert and i walked to Shibuya and bought a nice dress from Cecil McBee at 109 <3
i really like the detail on the back! so pretty :D
 i like it :D

i bought some other things these days as well:

Etude House haul!
golden nail polish, BB cream, eyelash curler
and free samples :D

 new eye-liner :)

 Tutuanna haul :D
the socks are sooo cute ^-^

and here a nice view out of my balcony~

tomorrow the new semester will finally start!
well i am excited about the new people in my class~
i hope it will still be fun haha
in the evening i will meet my friend Alex after such a long time, and together with Eileen and George we will watch the new DragonBall Z movie!!! yeahhh :D

thank you for reading!! ^-^
next post is about Kyoto again!   
Bye Bye~


  1. wow, all the pictures are so great ;_; you look awesome! And have fun in the new semester!

  2. Das Kleid ist megaschön *_*
    Tolle Bilder, wie immer^^ Bist du auch in einem Circle?

  3. Wow, das Kleid ist wirklich toll, und das Krönchen macht es nochmal süßer. ^^
    Wie immer so tolle Bilder <33

  4. süßes kleid<3
    omg ich liebe tutanna xD könnte alles leerkaufen.
    was studierst du eig?:3

  5. Das Kleidchen ist voll süß!!! Schöne Sachen hast du dir gekauft ♥ Ich muss meine Einkäufe noch immer alle durchsehen und durchsortieren, kam bisher nich dazu v.v
    Liebe Grüße!!!

  6. I love reading your blog, I just recently started following it! I will be moving to Tokyo next weekend, I am so excited! I have been twice, it's where my fiance lives. He is from Adachi-ku. Maybe one day we can take purikura together! Cute blog by the way I really enjoy looking at the pictures! (I also shoot with a Nikon D5100)

    ~Amanda Heinz