☆Kyoto #4 - Nara☆

  on our fourth day (24.03.) we went to Nara~ it´s famous for all the deers who are living in the wild~
first we went to Mr Donut for a second breakfast :D
 Sakura flavoured Donuts~
than we went to some Temples and parks were all the deers live haha
 on the way to the park we went to the Game Center and took Puri~
we arrived at the park and there were soooo many deers :D
haha it really didn´t moved at all~~
it looks so sleepy wwwww

we had soooo yummy lunch nom nom nom
than we visited the talles Buddha in whole Japan!!! so amazing!

 it was a great day :D
thank you for reading!!! <3


  1. Wunderschön! Wir wollen auch versuchen in Nara vorbeizuschauen wenn wir diesen Sommer in Japan sind ^__^
    Das Wetter schaut auch echt schön bei euch aus!^^

  2. Awwww, the deer are so cute! And the sakura there is so pretty <3 I want to go to Japan soon too :P

  3. That deer peeking out from behind the tree is SOOOOO cute! <3 He's like 'What'chu lookin' at?'

  4. Wie süß *__* Deine Fotos sind immer so toll ^^

  5. Hach Nara ist so toll <33 Die Rehe sehen alle so knutschig aus *.*