☆Outfit Post + Purikura + Gets☆

^o^ Hello Hello *^*/

how are you doing??~
wow, a new post within not even 24 hours haha~
i finally have time to post, that´s so great ^-^/
let´s talk about last Monday today ^-^
this was my outfit:
hat: Rakuten
blouse: off brand
dress: Liz Lisa
bag: Liz Lisa
tights: Tutuanna
pumps: Tamaris

so we went to the Puri store about 12:00 and took the last set of Puris during Thanh Thaos stay in Berlin ;0;
me in the train lol~ i changed my hat to this red one, cause it matched my tights better haha

well we took two sets of puri again~~
oh damn, we spent so much money on this during friday hahaha
those are my most favourites hehehehe <3

afterwards we had to head straight to the airport by bus~
the weather was so beautiful btw!!! 

we checked in the luggage and went to Starbucks~
it´s unbelievable how they push their prices, just because the store is located in the airport.... T___T  but it was yummy lol
at 14:30 we went to the Gate and we had to say bye bye ;o;
Thanh Thao, i hope we will see each other again sooooon <3
it was so much fun the last days hehe ^o^ 


afterwards i went back to the city for shopping!~~
i bought new shoesssss finally haha ^-^

 aren´t they cute??? *3*/
and just simple black boots ^-^

the main reason i went shopping was to find a baking pan....with an diameter of 18-20cm....well...this was like a fight to find this kind of baking pan T___T
i went to 5 department stores...and every store just sold bigger ones...T__T
so my last try ended up in a british discount department store...and finally i found one at the cooking section....
what a fight...lol
it´s my dads birthday soon, so i want to start baking again :D
some of my older cakes i made you can find here in those tutorials ^^-> KLICK 1! Klick 2 !

afterwards i just went home~~
thank you for reading ^o^/ <3
bye bye~~ <3

PS: maybe you noticed? i changed my header hehe :D
i hope you like it? ^^


☆weekend report!!!+ GETS☆

Hello everyone ^-^/ <3 
how are you doing??~
the last days were so great!!! on thursday i met again Eileen and two japanese friends, and from Friday to Monday my friend Thanh Thao stayed at my place ^o^/
so first i talk about thursday :D
i met my friends about 13:00 and we went a little shopping/sightseeing~
the new renovated cinema! can´t wait to see how it looks like now :D
 Uniqlo store will open in Berlin soon!
cake display at KaDeWe!!!
afterwards we went to the awesome cake-shop near the Purikura store haha
this is my favourite cake!!! raspberry and rice pudding *^*/ <3
we got those chocolates from Mio and Kana as a present <3 thank you ^^
afterwards we took purikura <3
 i love the boyfriend puri machine :D
hahaha xD <3
well, afterwards we took the train to go to Schloss Charlottenburg~
nice sunset and the castle :D
afterwards i had to go home ><
but it was a nice day and so much fun :D
on friday i picked up my friend Thanh Thao from the airport :D
the last time we met was in march 2012...so it´s been nearly one year ><
first we took purikura :D
 and afterwards we went to the cake shop haha~
of course i ordered again the raspberry rice pudding cake again lol <3
i got this cute present from Thanh Thao <3
 thank youuuu <3

on Saturday Thanh Thao and me took Purikura again lol
afterwards we went to Neotokyo for shopping :)
 Thanh Thao and me got the same make up bag :D <3, i also bought Rilakkuma tape and an older Cure magazine, cause there was a Royz article inside :D
Subaru looks so nice lol <3
in the afternoon we met Anne, Stefan and Naoki at the Japanese Crepe Store in Berlin <3
yummyyyy~ :D
first i had Srawberry custard! 
nomnomnom~ it was so good hehe
afterwards i also wanted to try the Chicken Teriyaki crepe....so i ate another one lol...
it was so good X___X <3
in the evening we went back to Anne and Stefans place~
we cooked curry rice together haha it was soooo good <3
nomnomnom~ <3
I received this as a present from A&S <3
thank you so much!!! <3 i love everything ;0; <3333
Thanh Thao, me, Anne, Stefan :D

it was such a nice day!!! i was so happy to see A&S again <3

on sunday Thanh Thao, my parents and me visited Potsdam and some sights :D
here are some pictures i took~
super delicious choco cake x3

it was a nice day :D

thank you for reading <33