☆NEW GETS!!! + random stuff☆

Hello everyone ^-^/ <3 
how are you doing??~
i had exams on Saturday and Tuesday, so i was just studying since i came back from Japan in the middle of January >o<
so i spent most of my time at starbucks or other cafés for studying ~~

because i was frustrated i bought some new stuff online lol
first i received this cute Liz Lisa onepiece today!
it´s from the autumn collection 2011! <3
isn´t it cute???? o^///^o 
 i got this cardigan and this necklace for free, as a present from the seller!!! *o*/
the next things i bought are this black trenchcoat and this Liz Lisa Replica dress!
i like the trenchcoat but i am not sure about the dress.
i have the same as a real Liz Lisa dress but without sleeves~ i wanted to buy the one with long sleeves when i was in Japan during new years, but it was sold out suddenly at the online store, so i was happy that i found this replica~ but i guess i am too tall for it, cause it´s kinda short compared to the original one~
maybe i will sell it again~ ^^

yesterday i got the Seventeen issue of February~
of course i just bought it because of the Liz Lisa extra haha
i used to like Seventeen magazine when i was in High School (maybe 5 years ago), but the style really changed, and it´s more casual now~

oh, and i got the new Single "Lilia" from ROYZ!!!!!
and look which cards i had inside!!! one of them is SUBARU!!! *o* <3
so cute hehe~
i want to see them live again ToT"!!!

those are all the things i bought so far in January and February :D

in January i received this cute gift from my friend Theresa from Nagoya!
thank you so much!!! ;o; <3
please visit her blog!!! she posts about so much nice things, and she lives in Japan, so you might be interested?! :D click HERE!

in January i also visited my grandmas place~ she lives in the countryside 3 hours away from my home~ it was snowing during these days!
so look at the beautiful landscape! it´s incredible!
isn´t it nice? :D

so for today Eileen and me met our japanese friend Kana and her friend Mio ^o^
both of them are staying in Berlin for 2 days~
so we had lunch together in a typical Berlin restaurant~
i actually didn´t like the food so much haha~
but it was funny anyway~
afterwards we walked around a little~
Kana, Mio, Eileen ^^
it was such a nice day :D

so, on weekend my friend Thanh Thao from western Germany will stay at my place for 4 days!!! i can´t wait to meet her hehe
we haven´t seen each other for nearly one year ><

oh, and at the moment i have a bad cold (again), so i am really thankful to this stuff here:
mentol mask! this is so good!!!....i wish i had more of those T___T

thank you for reading!!! <3
i hope i can update my blog more often during vacation :D

bye bye ^-^


  1. eep your room is so cute!!!! QAQ

    1. oh, thank you <3 :D
      maybe i should do a room tour? haha

  2. Your room is sooo sweet x)
    I love your new Liz Lisa onepiece and the necklace as well! : 3

    ❤ ✿ NEW POST ✿ ❤

    1. thank you <333 :D
      i also like it so much <3 thank u for your comment ^^

  3. Aahh was für ein schöner Post^^ Danke dass du mich verlinkt hast <3
    Die Sachen die du gekauft hast, sind ja supersüß*_* Und diese Erkältungsmaske kenn ich gar nicht o.o; sieht gut aus, muss die auch mal ausprobieren^^ ich kann dir welche mitbringen :)
    Ahh ich will auch nach Berlin kommen T////T

    1. danke <333 hehe, natürlich ^-^/
      ohhh die masken sind super gut!!! gibs im lawson!!! da is eukalyptus drin und wenn du erkältet bist und die trägst hast du immer ne freie nase!!! total super ;0; <3 leider sind nur 3 in einer packung ><
      danke, aber wenn du wieder kommst, bin ich ja hofftl auch bald wieder da hehe <3 aber vorher musst du und thanh thao mich nochmal in berlin besuchen!!!!! <333333

  4. wow, viele tolle sachen. ich ma deinen stil total gerl ^^

  5. The new Liz Lisa dress is soooo cute! And how sweet that you got the necklace and cardigan for free! I always love reading your blog because it reminds me how much I want to learn Japanese and go to Japan and make Japanese friends as well ^^

    1. thank you so much ^^/ <3 yes, i was so surprised when i got those two things as well X____X for 3 items the price i paid was so cheap xD
      thank you for reading my blog <3 you are also studying japanese?? :)
      i hope you can go to japan soon ^-^

  6. Aww das Geschenk von Theresa ist ja toll!!! *0* und schöne Fotos! :)
    ich freu mich auch schon voll auf dich und TT am Wochenende ^.^

    1. jaaaa, die socken!!! ALPACA!!!! *O* <3
      danke <3
      jaaaa, ich mich auch!!! ENDLICH sehen wir uns alle wieder und können auch endlich Naoki sehen!!!! >///< <3
      ich bin schon so aufgeregt hehe :D