☆new iPod+CUPOP magazine+Hangover 2 +Jang Woo Hyuk☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing???キスマーク
Thank you so much for 515 Followers now, ドキドキキスマーク
and all those lovely comments to my previous post.ドキドキ
it really makes me so happy!!!
i try to answer them soon!!ラブラブ
sorry for the delay everytime.... しょぼん
 well, finally last week i got my lovely iPod classic, 6G, 80GB~ラブラブ!音譜
i´m so glad. he is in a very good condition and works perfectly.グッド! first i was really worried ´cause i bought it via ebay but everything is alright ニコニコ
so here is a pic
(btw it´s B2ST´s ´beautiful´ PV hehe にひひラブラブ)
some weeks ago i looked at the CUPOP magazine 本
here are some scans from the things i really likedリボン

i love the BMB co-ords so much. ドキドキ
i like the prints much more compared to Co&Lu チョキ

the bra´s are so super cute ne?! ラブラブ

oh and i´m looking for a navy colored shirt for such a long time now but some days ago i found a super cute one but it just comes together as a set with the skirt....so i´m not sure if i should buy it or not...it´s very expensive ガーンむかっ
but it´s so cuteee ne...ドキドキラブラブ!
what do you think???
well on saturday i went to a japanese festival together with my friends Sesin, Elisa and Marionニコニコラブラブ
it was pretty interesting. we visited some lectures concerning different cities in Japan グッド!
this was the building 家

(pictures taken by Sesin)

first of all we went to the food court haha にひひラーメン
they had yummy bento boxes, sushi, yakitori and much more 割り箸ラブラブ
i ate a bento box
doesn´t it look goooood??? ラブラブ!

well, this was my outfit for the day~
nya, nothing special~DASH!

but i tried a new (for me) hairstyle 美容院
i never got the trick how to twist the hair that it looks like fake corn rows until last week haha あせる
i realy love this hair style. i think it´s going to be my favourite haha ラブラブ
what do you think?
yesterday i went to BoBoQ during my break~
i bought  yummy caramel milk tea.カクテルグラス
lately i like going to BoBoQ ´cause it´s cheap and the shop staff is good looking haha ラブラブ

oh and here is a picture of the room where i spend the most time of my university life haha
it´s eileen on the front desk, ´cause she had to prepare for a report  アップ
sooo and what happend today??
i was studying vocabulary on the balcony today ぐぅぐぅ

i also ate yummy vanilla ice cream with nutella ソフトクリーム....but it´s not such a nice combi haha 汗
and the view out of the balcony

in the evening i waited for my dad in the city ビル
afterwards we went to the cinema and finaly watched HANGOVER 2 ドキドキ
i really loved the first part, but the second is awesome as well!! アップ
we laughed so much haha

right now i´m watching some movies starring Jet Li ラブラブ
i like him a lotにひひ

video of the day:  Jang Woo Hyuk -´Time is [L]Over 
(btw he is 33 years old.....he looks like 20 ショック!)
i really love this song~ such a nice beat. 音譜

Thank you for reading!!キスマーク 
please take care everyone 音譜