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ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing???キスマーク
!!Thank you for 452 FOLLOWERS!!! ドキドキキスマーク
and of course for all those lovely comments!! 
i will reply soon!!! sorry for the delay everytime.... しょぼん
soooo, what happend in the last weeks!?
on 22.05., Sunday i met up with Yune to check out a new bubble tea bar in Berlin グッド!ラブラブ
we found this bar while passing by with the bus, some days before.ニコニコ
so we ordered some nice sorts, lemongrass and cherryjoghurt.音譜
the lemongrass one was ok, but the cherry flavour was disgusting~ like bubble gum or something...and the price was also too expensive...4€...ダウンむかっ
(normally it´s 3,50€)
oh, and this was my outfit for the dayワンピースラブラブ
jacket: Yumetenbo
dress: off brand
belt: random store in SBY 109-2
overknees: Zara
boots: off brand
bag: Liz Lisa

it was such a nice day!!!晴れ
on 24.05. i went shopping with my friend Eileen after university lessons!!ラブラブ
i finally found cute white socks with frills for my pumps!!!!ラブラブ!
i was so happy haha   and i also bought tights with hearts!!!ドキドキ
i love Claire´s for that!にひひ
 cute ne?!

after shopping we went to Eileen and made hamburger!!ハンバーガー
i´ve never made hamburger before, so it was really funny にひひチョキ
i was allowed to cut the vegetables haha にひひ

eileen while cooking~

and this was the result haha
it was so yummy!!!ドキドキ

afterwards, ok...some hours later にひひ, we had yummy cake and latte macchiato!!ケーキコーヒー
omg, i was so full haha
yummiest cake ever!!!! ドキドキ

it was such a great evening~ドキドキ
on 27.05. i had a curry party at my house~!!!割り箸

Stefan while cutting onions グッド!

Sam while cooking グッド!

haha Marion 音譜

aaaand here is the final result!
super yummy ラブラブ

at night we watched some old music PV´s from 1993 which my dad recorded from MTV haha にひひラブラブ

on 28.05. i met Sesin and Elisa. we went to an event from another university and got some informations concerning a semester abroad.チョキ
it was really interesting.
to go there we drove with an super old S-train.あせる
it looked like this haha

for dinner i made spinach pizza, strawberries and milk tea ドキドキ
yummyyyy ドキドキ

and today!!!  is childrens day!!! にひひラブラブ
i got a new external hard drive (500GB), a Hello Kitty weight balance, money, and some cosmetics ラブラブ!ラブラブ
haha so cuteドキドキ

and today i also received my new Dolly Wink eyeliner!!! finally!!! ドキドキアップ
the best eyeliner ever, i think!! グッド!ラブラブ

oh and just now i found the NEW pics from AnAn magazine No. 1760!!!ショック!ドキドキラブラブドキドキ
featuring Kame!!!!ドキドキラブラブドキドキ

omg, just an awesome photoshooting!!! ショック!ドキドキ

how beautiful he is!!! ラブラブ!ドキドキ
whish i could go to a KAT-TUN concert again but there is no one this year (i heard)...really sad....汗
(does someone has proper informations?)

oh, and finally there is the Japanese PV of BEAST´s ´Bad Girl´!!!!
omg i love BEAST so much. Best Korean band for me!!! ドキドキラブラブ!

oh, and yesterday we finally booked our flight to Tokyo!!!!飛行機
we will stay there from 1st of September until 30th of September.
if some of you are in Tokyo as well, during this period of time, just tell me. we can meet if you want. i would be happy  ニコニコ

Thank you for reading!! please take care everyone キスマーク


  1. tolle Fotos & Gott, wie lecker alles aussieht! (;0;)<3

  2. Congrats on the followers!
    I'm sorry to hear the bubble tea was expensive and disappointing. But the food you and your friends made looks so good!!

  3. WOAH die bilder von kame alter /GEFLASHT

    bzw iwie clashten die konzerte mit baseball daten im dome oder dergleichen
    und eins sollte ursprünglich irgendwo da sein wo der tsunami rüber gewischt ist oder so D:;
    somit worden die cons dann 'verschoben'
    auf...nächstes jahr
    ich finde 'abgesagt' klingt dann besser als 'verschoben' aber naja :/

    ich hoffe mal nicht, dass es dabei bleibt though
    wäre irgendwie komisch wenn kat-tun nix machen o_O

  4. Oooh dein outfit ist toll <33 ich muss zu claires wegen den socken *o*

    das essen sieht deerbst lecker aus!

    Und Kame..holy shit!

  5. ihr wart auch nur am futtern wa ^^?
    ihr beide seit so drollig auf dem bildchen :D
    & btw: die grüne pfanne auf dem einen bild haben wir aaaaaaaaaauch :D die is so EPiSCH x.x
    sau geile beschichtung x)
    komisch wieso war denn die s-bahn so leer ^^? mysterium xD

  6. Congrats on gaining so many followers! :)

  7. Leckere Essens-Bilder sollte man sich nicht abneds anschauen XDDD Sieht nach viel Spaß aus!

  8. kyahh~ I never knew that claires that those type of stockings~ Now I must check it out >___<

    Kame looks soo good in that mag!!

  9. Ah..! Ich will auch Curry essen ;; lach mich aus, aber: Ich habs noch nie gegessen xDD

    Genauso wie Bubble Tea eh...ich will unbedingt << aber wo~

    Flug gebucht? Glückwunsch ♥ Ich wünschte ich könnte dieses Jahr auch nochmal hin ;; geht finanziell aber so absolut garnich~


  10. Hast du keine Angst vor der radioaktivität?Ich musste meinen ersten Flug nach Tokio Stornieren -.-

  11. Dein Outfit (vom 22.05.) ist echt mega schön. *___*
    aww~ BubbleGum Tea ist bestimmt super lecker. *_*

    Freut mic hdas du so schöne Tage hattest ^o^~

  12. Lovely blog, I'm your new reader <3

  13. Nice outfit!! So cuteee :))) <3333 And, OMG, I've seen that An an too! Kame is so sexy :D

  14. kla^^ hotel kent, das gegenüber so schräg von dem theater also direkt bei dem platz gegenüber der spielhallen XD also schön im viertel drinne XD war aber ehrlich sehr nervig..da zu wohnung.. weil jeden tag sahst du von morgens bis abends besoffene hosts, manche stehen drauf, ich nicht find die net hübsch, aber was tut man nicht für ne freundin die da wohnen will XD

  15. :) cool photos!!
    great post
    ciao ciao from Rome


  16. mwaaw, You look like a POPTEEN or ranzuki model on your first photo O_____O~ cuuute! <3

  17. Hey doll, thanks for having me in your blogroll! I added you to mine too xoxo

  18. Woo congratz!
    ♥You Look adorable like always!
    =_= never liked lemongrass bubble tea.
    That cake looks sooooo good~♥
    OMG KAMEEE!!!!♥♥♥ My heart just exploded!

  19. Very cute photos >^_^<

  20. yum please make me a hamburger

  21. this post made me hungry. haha!
    waaa! I envy you. you have a dollywink eyeliner.
    I've been wanting to get my hands on that but sadly, Dollywink is not available here in our country.

    If you have time pls visit my blog.
    I"m new here. :))

  22. ihr zwei seht echt süß zusammen aus *O* Ich will auch bald mal wieder nach Berlin!

  23. very cute and nice blog;)


  24. LOVE Your blog<3

    welcome: http://roxyolsen.blogspot.com/

  25. There are so many cute pics !
    Also, your clothes are cuuuute :D <3333

    Bubble teas and a hamburger look tasty !
    I wanna eat them !!!!

    What is S-train ?! Is it most common train in Germany ?

    I like Yuichi Nakamaru from KAT-TUN so much ! <3
    Do you know about him ?

    I really wanna meet you :))
    Can I hang out with you ?