☆meet ups + Egg 03/2012 + Kana Nishino☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
How are you doing? 
last thursday i met my friends ShyShy, Lulu and Thanh~
we made some funny pictures at the Brandenburger Tor haha
 Lulu, me, Thanh
Lulu, Thanh, ShyShy
why was this suspicous guy taking a photo of me, while i was taking a photo of my friends? xD...
than we went to the government district~  
 afterwards we went to Hackescher Markt, there we met my friend Kevin~
he was in Berlin until Sunday
so we decided to go to the japanese crêpe store~
i had strawberry crêpe hehe
pic of Kevin and me~ i had to cover my face...i looked like a pancake haha
it was a nice afternoon~
thank you everyone!
on weekend i visited my grandma~
we made donuts(Berliner)~
my grandma while frying the donuts~
and the result!
they taste so so much better like the ones you can usually buy at the bakery store!
yesterday i received my new iPod case!!!
actually i wanted the one with Korilakkuma but it was sold out, so i got the one with Rilakkume instead!
isn´t it cute??? /°A°/

yesterday about 10:00am i met my friend Kristina.
we went to a movie agency and got our first job as an extra in a movie~
i´m excited~ i did this job before some years ago, so let´s see if it´s still the same haha

afterwards we went to the crêpe store! there we met our friend Eileen!
i had strawberry crêpe again haha
afterwards we went to university~
i could pick up my japanese language certificate this day!
thise will be sent together with the other documents to the Chuo University in Tokyo~
than Eileen and me went shopping at Alexanderplatz~
i just bought a book haha
afterwards we wanted to go eating Udon at Susuru but it wasn´t open yet, so we went to the Neotokyo haha
i got the latest issue of egg magazine just for 5€ because some pages were a little damaged haha
Nemoyayo is so so cute!!~
well about 18:00 we went back to Susuru and ate yummy Udon!!
i like Udon much more than Ramen!~
i ate too much Ramen in Japan, so i can´t eat them i guess until the next Japan trip haha
afterwards we decided to go to Bubbles for some yummy bubble tea~
we said good bye to each other about 20:30~
it was a really great day!!
thank youuuu <3
here are some scans of the Egg 03/2012~
have fun ^-^
Nemoyayos 20th birthday!!! arw she´s so so cute ne!! :D
the circle lenses are really cool!

so beautiful!!
 cute GAL Mama
oh and spring will arrive sooon!! can´t wait haha
 oh and i found the new PV for Kana Nishino´s latest song!!
she looks so so beautiful!!! (but the video...is kinda boring xD...i prefer PV´s with a story~ )


☆outfit post + meet up with my friends☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
How are you doing? 
today i met my friends Anne and ShyShy! 
we met about 12:00 at Alexanderplatz and went straight to Neotokyo!
my friend bought stuff for more than 200€ (275$)! xD
so crazy hehe
afterwards we had some Bubble Tea at the BoBoQ store at Alexanderplatz~
of course i had caramel milk tea hehe
than we went to the Lustgarten~
 ShyShy and Anne :)
there we leafed through all of the magazines Anne bought!
Yamapi :D
ShyShy made some pics of my outfit!~

afterwards we went to the Ku´damm for window shopping haha
we went to McDonalds~
i just had a coffee :O
in the end we made some pictures in the FotoFix machine ^-^
after taking pics Anne and me went back to our home town~
my dad called that he would pick me up from the train station and than we went to a steak house~
my mom was already waiting there.
i wasn´t that hungry, so i just ate some Bruschetta and a foil potato~ :)

thank you for reading everyone!!