☆new hair color + meet up with Becci + Chris Rea concert☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
How are you doing? 
Thank you for all your lovely comments to my previous post!
i hope i can reply to them during weekend! 

Last week i went to the hair dresser and i got a new hair color~
it´s a caramel brown! i really love it!
 on this day i also bought new rouge by Manhattan and a brush~
in the evening i got those tulips from my mom!
tulips are my favourite flowers!!
 last friday i met my friend Becci!
we had lunch at a japanese restaurant.
we ate 鰻丼, eel with rice
it was super yummy!!!
next time i will eat it again :D

i also got my pimped jeans back from Becci!
she made this hot pants...
....out of this ugly old jeans of mine!
actually i wanted to throw them away but Becci had a better idea haha
Thank you so so much again! <3

afterwards we went to a new store called Urban Outfitters!
they really had great stuff, but it´s super expensive~
(c) by Becci
(c) by Becci
(c) by Becci
(c) by Becci
cute Becci :D
thank you for this awesome day <3
 on saturday i went to a concert together with my parents.
i bought tickets for the Chris Rea concert as a christmas present for them~
and because i love his music as well, i decided to tag along :D
 i think this was one of the first music videos i remember to watch as a child.
i was about 3 years old during this time.
it´s a song about his daughter Julia!
such a cute video.
during the concert he also sang this song :)
how nostalgic!
AND he is such a pro at playing guitar!!!!
my parents had a better view ´cause they had tickets in the first row right in front of Chris Rea haha
but my dad forgot his camera....
 well, it was a great evening! i´m happy that i had a chance to see one of his concerts!
 oh and since it´s February already, i wanted to show you my calendar sheets for this month!
 on wednesday i will go to PARIS!!!
my friend Nina and me will visit the KBS K-Pop Music Bank Event!
can´t wait to see my fav. band BEAST!!!
but i´m also happy to see the other acts!! <3
AND on sunday i will see BEAST again at the concert in Berlin haha
during one week i´ll see them twice!!! i´m so happy :D

thank you everyone for reading!!! <3
bye bye~


  1. uuuuuh mein gott, unagi<3<3 Mein Lieblingsfisch^^ ich beneide dich :(
    Deine Haarfarbe is echt toll, ich will meine auch so haben :( Hoffentlich kann ich mir bald nen Friseurbesuch leisten, alleine färben wird immer so dunkel oo''
    und chris rea is toll :3

  2. i use the same manhattan rouge as yours and i really like it ~ it's so shiny and bright *Q*
    and you always have such an interesting live with all the concert and trips, i envy you ^-^" wish you much fun in paris!!! :'3

    ShuShu ♥

  3. Ohhhh your hair looks so soft♥
    and that store is really cool!!
    Now day clothes are expensive everywhere ><!!

    Have a nice week!!
    ( --)/♥

  4. Wow!Your new hair is very fluffy looking!Hahaha, I try to buy clothes that are from Taiwan because it is cheap. But you are right, clothes are expensive!

  5. Was für eine tole Idee aus alten Jeans Shorts zu machen! Hätte ich meine alten Hosen doch nicht zur Kleiderspende gegeben... XD

    Deine neue Haarfarbe gefällt mir supi, kanns kaum erwarten es in natura zu sehen! :)

  6. hair looks great!
    wanna see better pictures!

    also i love the things from urban outfitters!

  7. Ich wünsche dir viel Spaß in Paris!!
    Wo hat denn der urban outfitters eröffnet? Wusste ich noch gar nix davon! Die haben ja echt coole Sachen da! Deine neue Haarfarbe ist toll ♥
    Liebe Grüße

  8. Your hair colour looks really nice~! Your friend is so creative~! >o<
    You're so luck to go to see beast twice, I'm so jelly haha :3

  9. All you show us is so: *O* wao!!!!!!
    I love that blush, the clothes, the outfit
    The shop is wonderfull!!! im jealous hahahaha

  10. I loved your new hair color + your new stuff!

    Really cute outfit btw

    oh, I´ve indicated you for a tag:
    kiss kiss

  11. urban outfitter ist wirklich cool und haben so tolle sachen aber echt scheisse teuer XDDD hab damals eine uhr gekauft die man auf machen kann als ketten design 30 euro Oo