☆K-POP Music Bank Paris + Paris sightseeing+B2ST in BERLIN☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
How are you doing? 
On Wednesday morning i went to PARIS together with my friend Nina.
we met at the airport about 7:00~
we checked in and had to wait an hour for boarding.
we arrived in Paris about 10:30.
we bought our train ticket (20,50€!!!) for the day~
 me with the metro map haha
 our first goal was the Eiffel Tower!
the metro system is very easy so we found it very fast~
of course we went on top of the tower haha~
ok just ´til the 2nd platform lol
Nina :D
Tokyo Tower and Eiffel Tower in comparison! 
across from the tower there was this cute merry-go-round!

our next stop was the Arc de Triomphe!
 it´s located near the champs-elysees!
so bling bling! <3

the next stop was at the Notre Dame de Paris!
 so pretty!
after visiting the most famous sights in Paris, we decided to go to the japanese crêpe store, called "Princess Crêpe"!
we walked from the Notre Dame to the store. fortunately i made some google maps screen shots, ´cause internet wasn´t working haha
another cute merry-go-round!
after 30min we arrived at the crêpe store!
omg it was so so cute haha!
after some minutes staring at the french menu with big question marks above our heads, i asked the shop staff in japanese if they also have strawberry crêpe haha~
so we talked in japanese, ´cause Nina and me can´t speak french at all haha
yummy choco strawberry crêpe!!
Nina while being fascinated! :D

afterwards we went to China Town...but yeah...it wasn´t that great like expected haha
some other pictures~
Disney Land!! <3

after walking thorugh China Town we decided to WALK to the concert hall for K-Pop Music Bank!
well...it wasn´t such a great decision haha
i guess we walked for more than one hour...and it was so fu**ing cold!!!
we went through the industry-quarter of Paris...haha
(c) by Nina
we took the bus ´til the next metro station and went by metro the last kilometers~
 now let´s talk about K-Pop Music Bank! the main reason we went to Paris haha
of course my personal highlight was the performance of BEAST! hehe :D
so we arrived at the concert hall and so many fans were already waiting!
after 1 hour freezing in the cold we were allowed to enter the hall!
first we bought merchandise haha
actually i thought we could buy merchandise for every band but it was just general music bank merch~ i was a little disappointed!
but of course we bought all the things they sold!
so i bought a shirt, bag and a lightstick!
afterwards we went to our seats!
i was surprised ´cause i thought our seats are much further up in the hall, but they turned out to be ok instead :D
waiting and waiting and waiting for the start of the show haha~
about 20:00 the show started!!! omg it was so so amazing!!!
the fans went crazy haha!!!
screaming like hell!!!
here are some pics~
all performances were so great!
the crowd got crazy about 2PM so much BUT in the last hour B2ST toally rocked the show!!!
so i guess they were the most "wanted-to-see" act haha
i´m proud of them hehe :D
here is a video of B2STs performance <3

so amaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing <3

you can find other videos at youtube from the other bands :D
oh and here a korean report about music bank in paris!

after the show we were totally flashed haha
we sat about 30min in front of the hall with many other fans and just realized what happened in the last 2.5 hours!
afterwards we went to the metro station and went back to the airport~
there we had to wait about 5 hours until we could go back to Germany.
my legs hurt so much so i couldn´t sleep~
i decided to watch some movies via my iPod.
oh look at those ugly retro looking lamps at the airport haha
about 6:45 the airplane took off back to Germany!
Good Morning world!
nyaaa so beautiful!!

we arrived about 9:45 in Berlin!
my dad picked me up from the airport and we had breakfast at a bakery!
pizza for breakfast haha!

it was such a wonderful trip to Paris!!!
thanks to Nina who traveled with me!!!!
(i arrived at home and my mom was picking up my Yesasia package at the post office the day before!!!! so i got my B2ST and Kana Nishino DVDs as well on Thursday!!!! HAPPY!!
both DVD´s are limited versions of course <3
nice nice nice nice :D
 sooooo, yesterday my friend ShyShy and me went to the airport for welcome B2ST !!!
well, i will never do this again, but yeah, it was an interesting experience haha
so here are the pictures i made...they turned out veeeeryyyy bad...
but yessss i saw them the 2nd time in this week lol!!!
on Sunday i will see them again during their concert here :D
B2ST flashhhh~ for 3 times this week! 
can´t be happier :D
ShyShy made this video of their arrival!!!
 oh and we also saw the poster at Alexanderplatz about B2ST!!!
 so cute! :D

Thank you for reading!!!
see you soon :D
oh and thank you so so so much for more than 800Follower!!!!
i´m so happy ;A;

 bye bye!!


  1. xDDD
    ShyShy und du habt einfach zu viel Zeit, wie mir scheint, wenn ihr sogar zum Flughafen geht xDDDD

  2. I'm so jealous! B2st needs to visit the states soon Dx <333 them

  3. Wow! : D : D Seems so exciting!

  4. I'm so jelly haha! >o< It looks so fun~!

  5. I'm so jelly >o<!! Looks so fun as well ^o^

  6. wow~~~
    it's so cool! *---*

    Minho oppa really is very beautiful?

  7. Haha train ticket was expensive ! Paris is really really expensive indeed !
    You had such a great view ! Isn't Paris amazingly beautiful ?
    Didn't you have to wait in order to get into the tower? :o
    Because generally there are many many people who are doing the queue :p
    The crêpe shop looks sooo cute ! I've never seen this in paris :o You have to give
    me the address hehe :D And it also looks so yummy argh I'm on a diet it doesn't help me haha
    ChinaTown is just... chinatown guys, a districted fulled of chinese people ;)
    HOLY SH*T I wish I was there ! There were everybody ! Haha yes french fans are good fans, I understand why they were that excited, Korea is so far and Kpop looks far as well... :')
    I heard 2PM totally rocked the show with "hands up" huhuh :)
    What a heavy day, understand you were tired :)
    You are such a great fan :)

  8. Is this the appropriate context for speaking about your interpretation of "Ring Ding Dong", done in front of the Notre Dame? :P I love how we went to France and then mostly spoke Japanese and English. Oh well. Nice entry btw. ^^ N

  9. O _ O
    I wish I could have gone, but no money in the bank for such things. T~T
    It looks amazing ~ <3
    Thank you for taking pictures and such! Y'all seemed to have a grand time! :3

  10. Wenn ich mal in Paris sein sollte muss ich unbedingt zu Princess Crepe *O*!!!
    Schade dass du nicht noch mehr Bilder gemacht hast ^^*
    French crepes *yum yum* :3

  11. wooow!!! beautiful photos!!! so very cute!!!
    very kisses!! *w*

  12. What a wonderful blog! You're a fantastic gal!
    I love the photographs , are so cute!
    I Follow you!

  13. Woahhh... was für coole Bilder! Hoffe du hast jetzt gerade genauso viel Spaß beim Konzert wie in Paris.
    Was hat denn das Zugticket gekostet? Oo

  14. i love your blog! so great! your beautiful!

  15. Schöne Bilder von Paris. ♥
    Ich bin ja glatt ein wenig neidisch, so einen Kurztrip würde ich auch gerne mal wieder machen. *_*

  16. Mäh T_T ich hätte mir auch eine Zeichnung vom Weg zu Princess Crepe machen sollen....
    hab nicht damit gerechnet das ich da kein Internet habe, letztes Jahr hat es funktinoiert ~_~


    aber das Konzert war endgeil<3<3

  17. tolle Fotos, sieht nach einer super Zeit aus :-)!

  18. Ich. Bin. Neidisch!! *___*
    Wie gerne wäre ich in Paris gewesen *__*

  19. holy shit I'm so jelly! seems like you had a great time~


  20. ohh..
    nice picture & music.
    mind following each other?

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    Sorteio no blog bora lá se inscrever meninas! Beijos
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