☆Egg / Popteen scans+meet up with Anne☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
How are you doing everyone? 
on Sunday i had lunch with my family!
we went to Werder to a fish restaurant
 it was really yummy!!
afterwards we walked along the lake!
my mom, aunt, dad and uncle~
than we had some cake at a café~
choko cake and ice chocolate~ yumyum~ :D
yesterday i met my lovely friend Anne!
please check out her blog HERE !
 we met at Neotokyo and bought some new magazines there~
afterwards i said goodbye to my friend Pila whom i met before, for drinking bubble tea~
so yeah, i bough february issue of Egg mag with an awesome JSG pouch!
than i also got the febraury and march issue of popteen mag!
so afterwards Anne and me were looking for the japanese ramen restaurant ココロ!
after 45min we found it...actually it´s just 2 streets away from the neotokyo...but we went by car...so i lost my orientation...haha xD
we ate shoyu ramen!!
Anne also had Gyoza~
 now i wanna show you my favourite pics and outfits out of the above mentioned mags!
let´s start with Egg 02/2012
love this INGNI cardigan!! i bought a sweater today which looks the same hehe
Nemoyayo Special :D
 i love those outfits!!!
 i want this rooooom!!! pink-leo is so so awesome xD <3
Popteen 02/2012
 Yui and Kumicky special!~ <3
Yui is so so beautiful ;A;
lovely Marimo in her beautiful Kimono!!
Popteen 03/2012
 Kim Hyun Joong! <3

thank you for reading!!!
i hope you liked this post!~
see you ^-^/

check out the new MV from BIG BANG!!! 
omg it´s so so awesome!!!
such a great come back!!! love this song so much!!


  1. Wow, i love egg! <3

    and i love eat xD gnam!! the food seems soooo good :Q__

  2. KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I'm really crazy with the videoclip too!! I LOVE BB (And TOP, LOL)
    The scans are really adorable! I want all the outfits *^* Thanks for share!
    The choco cake look sreally delicious!*o*
    Kisses! N_N

  3. Denk dran, wir wären sonst viel zu früh dagewesen, wenn wir uns nicht verlaufen hätten xD
    Es war echt ein toller Abend gewesen ♥ Müssen wir unbedingt wiederholen aber nächstes Mal in einem anderen Restaurant, wo der Kellner einen nicht mit den Blicken vertreiben will *lach*
    Liebe Grüße

  4. The chocolate cake looks yummy *w*
    The clothes are so cute >O< I want to own all of them haha :3
    The song is actually quite catchy lol~ C: