☆Outfit Post + GETS Halloween + My Birthday ☆

Hello Hello

Wow it´s been a long time...i think it´s the first time, that i didn´t write a post for more than 2 month...lol i am so sorry about that, but i am so busy atm U__U
it´s just a short post about outfits, Gets, Halloween and my birthday haha
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so here are some outfits of the last 2 month ^^v
the left outfit was my birthday outfit, when i went out with my friend! 
dress: Liz Lisa, bag: Obertashe SBY109

the right one was taken in the middle of october, when i met my friend Jenny ^^v
dress/cardigan/bag: Liz Lisa

the left one was my birthday outfit! i had dinner at an expensive restaurant together with my parents ^o^/ dress: Honeys, bag: Diavlo

the dress on the right  picture was a present from my friend Melissa <3 thank youu!!

this years Halloween i celebrated together with Jenny!
we dressed up as Bloody Minnie and took some Purikura haha
minnie ears: Tokyo Disneyland, necklace: Diavlo, dress: selfmade
Happy Halloween haha

so many *o* <3
it was such a nice day :D unfortunately i had to go to work the next day, so we couldn´t attend any party u___u

two weeks ago i celebrated my birthday !!! yay
i got so many nice presents!! forgot to take pictures of everything, but here are some of them!!
i got this beautiful necklace from my friend Eileen!!
nyaaaa it´s so pretty, i love it!!! thank you *0* <3
Eileen and me <3333
my friend Thanh Thao sent those cute little things from Tokyo to me!!!, Jenny bought a kiiroitori phone holder for me, and cat ears, and my friend Melissa sent this beautiful onepiece to me!! <3 thank you guys so much, i am so happy ;_; <333
i had a really nice birthday <3 ;o;
my friend Thanh Thao went to Tokyo twice during the last two month!
she bought some new Liz Lisa items for me *o* <3
 new sailor onepiece, cardigan and a hair ribbon <3
Honey´s dress, Dolly Wink Mascara and a new schedule for next year!!
thank you for buying and shipping all the stuff to me ;_; <333

some month ago i also bought this lovely Liz Lisa dress!
i love the design and the colors so much! i wish Liz Lisa would produce more of those autumn-looking onepieces....i don´t like the pastel colored things very much atm...U_U

oh and i gave Shiseido Tsubaki hair care a try!!! i have to say it´s pretty awesome and worth the price haha

thank you for reading <333