☆Shopping haul+K-pop music bank+meeting my friend Katharina+...☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing???キスマーク
Thank you so so much for all those lovely comments to my previous post about my room!!!!
 i got more than 45 comments! i never got so many comments for just one post before!
i´m really really happy! 
and thank you for more than 700 followers!!ニコニコアップ
Well, today this will be a post about some events which happend in the last weeks! 
first i will fly to Paris in february to visit the K-Pop Music Bank event!!!
can´t wait to see my favourite band BEAST!!!!
i´m so excited hehe
from 18th ´til 20th november, my friend Katharina came to visit me at home!
on friday we met after my university lessons in berlin!
we had some bubble tea and met another friend of hers!
i also bought my concert ticket for the Simple Plan live in  march!
on saturday we went to Berlin again for shopping!
well, somehow i just bought presents for other people, and nothing for me haha
look at the cute decoration from the huge shopping center at AlexanderPlatz!
cute Katharina while looking for post cards!
than we went to Potsdamer Platz for shopping!
what great decorations!!
we also went to the christmas market nearby!!
(c) by Katharina Limmer
(c) by Katharina Limmer
(c) by Katharina Limmer
(c) by Katharina Limmer
(c) by Katharina Limmer
Brandenburger Tor at night !
on sunday she had to go back to her hometown in Thüringen
so i hope i will see her again soon !!
last thursday i received my new books for practicing Kanji!
my friend Thanh Thao bought them for me in Düsseldorf!
Thank you so much again!!!!
actually i know all the Kanji in those two books! but for repeating them it´s a very good practice!

oh and i got new boots!
aren´t they awesome? i had similar ones before, but those are much better!
on friday morning i preordered 2 music DVD´s!
one of them is the live DVD of my favourite korean band BEAST!
arwww can´t wait!!! but it will be released on December 28th...so i have to wait ´til January i guess...
the other one is the first Live DVD of Kana Nishino!
she is so great and such a huge talent!
i went to one of her concerts in September!
actually this concert was recorded one day after the concert i went to!
she´s so cute ne!
about 11:00 in the morning (Friday) we went to a city called Gera located in Thüringen.
haha i had to wear sun glasses ´cause it was the first day after so long where the sun was shining and it wasn´t grey and cloudy!
we went shopping in Gera!
yummy ice chocolate!
and wafers!!
wonderful christmas decoration ne~
after shopping we went to a small christmas market nearby!
gingerbread hearts!

so here are the  things i  bought!!!
black sweater with leo shawl and pearl necklace!
oversized knitted sweater!
i love this print!!
grey pink leo shawl!!
cute basket for my cosmetics!
cute candy box!

so this was my little haul hehe

in the evening we went to my grandparents place who live near Gera!
what a nice sunset!!

oh i got this for St Nicholas´ Day from my grandparents!
chocolate and money! (i thought it was for christmas...haha)
today i went to Bubbles with my friend Kristina!
best bubble tea bar in Berlin!
Kristina while trying to put the straw into the cup haha

Thank you for reading!!!