☆TOKYO - Day 11☆07.30☆

today, finally, we started our sightseeing tour haha
we went to the Yoyogi park about 1:00pm and visited the Meiji shrine.
here are some pictures:

that´s the view from a bridge and on the right side there is the national yoyogi gymnasium. today there is the concert from Tegomass...we saw from far away the J.Ent. sign haha
we went to the LAFORET again.
Yune-chan with some j-rock magazines.
Angelic Pretty
we went to the Takeshita-Dori and ate an original Harajuku crépe
hinestly i have to say....the same ones from PomPom in Berlin taste much better!  the ones from Harajuku taste a bit boring....well maybe we bought them at a bad crépe stall...
in the side streets we´ve found another SexPot Revenge store
next to that was another small visu store and the shop assistant was so so cute!!!!
afterwards we went to Shibuya and took a rest beside the Hachiko statue.
omg, Shibuya is full of hot guys lol  every second walks some nice guy by haha
THIS was the hottest one ever!!!!
just from behind haha, but his face looked also so good with his huge sun glasses ....and he has a nice butt lol
we went through the streets and saw some other cute guys hehe 2 guys from a band! really cute. we thought they were a couple hehe
Shibuya @ night
afterwards we went back to Ikebukuro and visited a big drugstore near the Sunshine City
Yune bought hair color from PALTY....Tsubasa is on the box hehe
we went back to the hotel and i colored Yune´s hair....now they are golden blond.


☆TOKYO - Day 10☆07.29☆

haha today our sightseeing tour should start BUT it was rainy.....so...we went shopping in Shibuya haha xD
we could also take a picture with Hachiko because it wasn´t that crowded today ^^/
(ugly me >A<°)

we also went to Shibuya 109-2 to the mens section!!! woah! such awesome clothes, accessoires and sales assistants!!! hrhrhrhr xD
i forgot to take some photos...>o<
haha before we went to McD and there was a guy who looked so cool and than...i saw him in Shibuya 109-2 in a shop!!! lol   he was sales assistant there! so funny xD
after shopping we went back to the hotel and got dressed for the evening.
we met Julia in Shibuya at 7:00 pm!
 we waited for Berenike 1,5 hours but she wasn´t coming!!! ;____;
that ruined our plan because we wanted to go to the LEX!!
so we went to McD and walked around in Shibuya.
 RUSS K advertising promoted by NEWS
Yune wanted to go back to the hotel, so i stayed in Shibuya together with Julia a little longer.
we went through the streets and landed in the ´red-light´ district lol
than we turned around and went back to the main street reaaaallyyyy fast haha
in the games hall we made some Purikura!!
what a funny evening~<3


☆TOKYO - Day 9☆07.28☆

today our alarm clock rang about 8:30 in the morning....
in the middle of the night again...*___*
my breakfast was some riceball again...with a disgusting leek filling >A<°
next time i will buy tuna riceballs again haha

we had to hurry up because we met Julia at the Ikebukuro station around 10:00 am.
we´ve found each other and went to the SANRIO PUROLAND!
hehe Julia is so kind and pretty!!! i´m jealous haha
from Shinjuku our trip took again 40minutes into the outskirts of  Tokyo....i got so tired haha Zzzz...
we arrived and were looking for the theme park~
can you see Bugs Bunny, Tweety and Silvester? ^o^/
we turned left and saw the super cute Sanrio Puroland!!!!! waaaaahhhh it´s so so lovely!!! *0*/

at the cashpoint i redeem my discount coupon and ordered 2 tickets for people until 17 haha (actually we are 18 and 19)
so we got our tickets for a lower price hehe ^o^/
we also received a little keyring and a coupn for a free mini towel ^^/
afterwards we entered the theme park and were in the cutest heaven full of super lovely sanrio characters waaaaah *________________*
it´s the entrance hall! it looked like a castle!!! love love
arwww and there was a super cute penguin <3
here we bought a necklace which could hold our tickets because we needed this for every attraction we´ve entered. ^^b
at the 2nd floor was a Cinnamon café!!!!
i love this Sanrio character the most!! *0*
that´s the view from the 2nd floor
we went around and redeem our coupon for our free mini towel!!!
arw we got a one with the little Twin Stars *~*/
Sanrio Gacha machine!! Julia and me got the same ice cream necklace haha
afterwards we entered PURO VILLAGE, the true theme park
it´s build like a circle, on the side are different worlds you can enter, and in the middle is a huge tree which is actually an attraction by itself.
first we entered the Fairy Land and watched a super cute show with a hot fairy prince haha
another cute show
afterwards we went to the Boatride!!! omg it was so much fun hehe and the whole time super cute voices guided us during the trip
that was our picture hehe
by chance we´ve found another show.
the theme was ´The Wonderful Wizard of Oz´
Kitty was Dorothy hehe

than we found a little shop which sold Hello Kitty waffles *o*
omg she was so so lovely while sleeping. *~*/

afterwards we had lunch at the food court. i ate Yakitori
after eating yummy food we went back to the huge tree in the middle of the land and there we watched the next show. it was like a parade
we went to Kitty´s house in the following
and we made a pictture with Kitty in the end hehe
than we went on the top of the tree
we saw kids who were dancing para para
here are the things i´ve got and bought in Sanrio Puroland!!
1. Keyring, which we got for free at the entrance
2. the ticket case in Cinnamoroll style!!
3. Little Twin Stars towel which we got for free
4. Cinnamoroll stationary

in the games hall we made Purikura with glitter effect!!!
oh by the way....in the whole park we were the only foreigners lol
the whole park was filled with cute small kids and their parents
on the way back to the train station we stopped at the Daiso 
we were reeeaaally late!!! because we had an appointment with Berenike at 8:00 pm in Shibuya....
so we went back to Shinjuku and changed trains to Ikebukuro.
we´ll meet Julia tomorrow again...we want to go to the LEX 
 we went back to the hotel and changed our clothes....
but we came too late by 45min!!! because we also get lost at the Shibuya station and we had to load our Pasmo card, but there were some problems....arrwww >A<
but Berenike was still there, waiting for us!!! phew~!
Shibuya @ night~!
so all of us went to Roppongi.
we went to Burger King and i ate Teriyaki whopper *0*
i liked it more than the one from McD haha
afterwards we went to the SAVOY BAR!
 haha something funny happened there!!!
Yune ordered Coke. and i said: Me Too!
but the barkeeper understands: Mizu!
wtf is MIZU, we thought!
than Yune remembered and said it´s just normal WATER!!! lol
in a small glass with 5 big ice cubes...
i thought i will get some alc haha
it was so funny at that moment lol
ah i just paid 60Yen lol
afterwards we went back to Shinjuku, changed trains and arrived in Ikebukuro.
on the way to the hotel 2 hot guys (hosts, i think xD) talked to us...and they looked REALLY hot!!! arw...
they wanted to have some drinks with us lol
we said no and went to the 7/11.
than we came out of the super market and one of the guys stand in front of the 7/11, walked around us again and went back !!! haha!!! what an action!!! we must laugh so much! he followed us to the super market~ poor guy!
we went back to the hotel and at night KUMICKY was in TV!!! waah she is so cute

oh btw, today was the Alice Nine concert and we couldn´t go there because it was Sold Out!!! >A<
so mean!!!!