☆TOKYO - Day 7☆07.26☆

we woke up around 10:00 am....so early...
about 12:00 we crept to the Ikebukuro station and went to Harajuku.
We wore our GazettE shirts today!!! Twin style hehe
We visited the Takeshita-Dori and first of all we made Purikura!!!
Haha honestly we planned to make darker ones because of our outfit BUT they turned out super pink again haha
we went shopping and saw some interesting people on the street haha
what a hot guy <3
and she was so cool! everyday she told everyone on the street about her SALE action! haha
Afterwards we bought some merchandise and went until the end of the Takeshita-Dori.
here are some nice pics from the street

in front of the BODY LINE store

ACDC store
Harajuku street.

We turned right and saw the LAFORET!
So so cool! The lower 2 floors are full of visu, punk and lolita shops!
We found Angelic Pretty, H.NAOTO, Metamorphose, Sexy Dynamite London, PUTUMAYO and many more.

I bought a super cute hoodie at the Putumayo store!!! Haha it was SALE-time and I got it for 4100 Yen haha
Than we found an indie record store called EDISON!!! So cool!
ViViD !!
There was a hide wall and a wall full of cd´s from Golden Bomber!!!

And they showed the making off of gazette´s new song Shiver at a big screen!!! There were also a lot of flyers. Also a flyer of PIECE! So is aked the staff if they sell cd´s from PIECE! And they did yay!
I bougth the single ´bird´. But they had just one left. So the girl talked to the shop in Shinjuku if we could buy the 2nd one there.  we got a map for the Edison in Shinjuku….
We arrived in Shinjuku and walked and walked haha….after a while I thought it was really suspicious because the streets were empty lol
I asked some people but the couldn´t help us….the last guy I asked told us to go back and turn right when we see the 7/11.
So we went back and found the store pretty fast haha
This store was also so so cool!!! Full of poster and advertising!!!
Yune bought her PIECE cd and was happy. At the next corner we found another cd shop!, Club indies! Love love!
We went back to the main street and saw a signboard for CLOSET CHILD!
So we went to the elevator and reached the 5th floor….but there was no CC….just a hair dresser lol
I asked him were CC is and he told us it´s in the next building….
He brought us to the next staircase and we found CC at the 5th floor. Waaaa there was so many cute lolita stuff!! Yune bought a hoodie from Angelic Pretty and I bought a necklace.
At the 6th floor there was the visu department haha
There I bought a sexpot revenge and h.naoto blood shirt for ca. 20€!!!! Is that awesome or what`??? I love 2nd hand shops lol
Afterwards we went to McD and ate Teriyaki Burger! What else?! Haha
and here are some pics from Shinjuku in the evening hehe
We went back to Ikebukuro and to the hotel. We chilled in the lobby….it´s a funny place haha
Some minutes later the guy from the reception desk came to me and asked for a comment about the hotel. So I wrote a nice one hehe he also made some pictures of us
afterwards he asked what we did during our stay here in Tokyo. So we told him we went to concerts. He asked which one and we told him gaze and kat-tun. We wore our shirts today and he made a picture of the shirt lol we also showed him my kame uchiwa and Yunes picture of Ruuki….so he made a photo again haha
he was so cool! The hotel staff have a blog which will be updated everyday. So he needed a story haha
here is the entry about us: KLICK!
because he is our friend now, he alowed us to use the PC for free because we wanted to listen to our new PIECE cd!!! Waaaa the songs are so so awesome! Nanami has such a cute voice!!!
in the evening i wrote the post cards i´ve found....
at night we saw Plastic Tree in TV hehe


  1. Deine ganzen Monstereinträge :D
    The icecream cup is the best☆