☆TOKYO - Day 5☆07.24☆

after another, nearly sleepless night the charwoman woke us up by entering our room....ガーン
and it was around 10:00 am…arw in the middle of the night hahaあせる 
I got dressed and went to the 7/11 and Family Mart.ラブラブ  

I bought ice tea and breakfast.にひひ 

Now I´ve found my daily breakfast haha 

Riceballs filled with tuna!!! So yummy!ドキドキ 

We left the hotel about 2:00 pm because TODAY was the KAT-TUN concert!!!!!ラブラブ!ドキドキ 

OMG!!!! KAME!!!! Arwwww love love ドキドキドキドキ 

We met Benerike at Koakuen station around 2:45 pm. アップ 

We wanted to wait for her cousin but she was very late so Yune and me went alone to the TOKYO DOME!!! Omg!!!! The dome is so so big!!! 3 times bigger than the O2 world in Berlin haha にひひチョキ 
 At the opposite from the dome there is Dome City. A huge theme park with a roller coaster through a building!!! So amazing!!!

We went to the merchandise stalls.     
On the way, the girls looked at us and said we were so kawaii haha that´s cute ニコニコ
 We also made pictures of the tour statue with labels of all supporters. Really cool!

Then we finally reached the merchandise stalls and I could buy my Kamenashi Uchiwa!!!ドキドキ    
Wuuuu I was so so happy!!! Because he looks really good!!!ラブラブ! Ok I knew how he looked like before at the Uchiwa because I saw pics in the internet haha チョキ
 In the end I regreted that I didn´t bought a penlight because everyone had one! Now I know it for the next concert hahaアップ    
Well we waited for the let in until 4:00 pm than we went up the stairs to our gate…..gate 40 汗
 It was in the last rows under the roof haha bad placeあせる    
The bag controll was also pretty funny…you could smuggle a knife inside and they wouldn´t notice lol
 We had water bottles inside our bags but we could fill the juice into cups! So coolアップ    
In Germany you must threw them away no matter what!
 We found our gate very fast. We went up the stairs and then we were inside the DOME!!!
 (after the concert-> secret pic)      
What an amazing feeling!!! It´s so so huge!!! Arwwww I was speechless….just amazing!叫び
  We asked the cute security guy at the top of the stairs where our seats are and he guided us to our place! What a service haha ラブラブ    
I felt a bit dizzy because the hall was so huge and it was really steep to the ground! むっ
   We waited for 2 hours and 6:00 pm the concert began!!!! Waaaaaaaaaahh!!!!!!! So so amazing!!!! ラブラブ!   Can´t believe that I saw Kame live!!! Omg love love!!! ラブラブ    
Ok without the 4 big screens we had seen KAT-TUN as little ants haha
  But it was a weird feeling to see KAT-TUN without JINあせる    
But nevertheless they did a great job!!! Special guest was Kiss-My-FT2.汗
 Ok I´m not a fan of such young JE groups…don´t know…I think they are all just little kids lol    
Kames solo was so so hot haha he transformed into a vampire hrhrドキドキ
  In the end they performed ´promise song´!! Omg I started crying!!! So so wonderful しょぼん    
Then they said good bye. But some minutes later they came back and rode in the dome with horses!!!! So amazing!!! Afterwards I was so speechless….it was so wonderful. I will never forget this evening!!! Just LOVE!!!ドキドキ
  We went back with 1000000000 of people back to the station haha    

 We bought melon ice cream at 7/11!!! So yummy heheにひひ  
 oh and that´s the money haha
 Oh by the way today we saw a guy who looked exactly like KANON from AnCafé!!!!!ドキドキ叫び

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